Academic Staff


Coordinator – Career Guidance Unit

Mr. Gunapala Ranaweerage Mr. Gunapala Ranaweerage [MCom (India), BCom (SJP)] 

 Senior Lecturer – Grade  I


Coordinator- Department of Accounting

Ms. Gimhani Y. Ekanayake 2  Ms. Gimhani Y. Ekanayake [B.Sc. Accountancy (Special) SJP), ICASL- Corporate Level,Reading for MPhil (Col), CTHE (Col),SEDA Certified Teacher in Higher Education (UK)]

 Lecturer (Probationary)


Coordinator- Department of Business Economics

Mr. A. M. C. P. Atapattu 2   Mr. A.M.C.P. Atapattu [MBA (Col), BCom (Col), CTHE (Col)]

Senior Lecturer – Grade II


Coordinator- Department of Finance

 1  Mr. D.L.P.M. Rathnasingha [MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), Reading for PhD in MSU University (Malaysia)]

Senior Lecturer- Grade II


Coordinator- Department of Human Resources Management

Mr. Rajitha Silva 2 Mr. Rajitha Silva [MBA(Aus), PGDip. (UK), BBA (Col), Reading for PhD (KLN)] 

Senior Lecturer 



Coordinator- Department of International Business

 2 Mr. A.G.C.S. Wijewardena [Reading for MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CIMA (Passed Finalist)

Lecturer (Probationary)


Coordinator- Department of Management and Organization Studies

 3  Ms. D. C. L. Digoarachchi [BBA (Special) (Col)

Lecturer (Probationary)



Coordinator – Department of Marketing

Dr. Dinuka Wijetunga 2  Dr. Dinuka Wijetunga [PhD (Melbourne, Australia), MBA (PIM, SJP), B.Sc. Marketing (SJP), CTHE (Col), DipM (CIM, UK)] 

Senior Lecturer – Grade I


Supporting Staff


Computer Applications Assistant

5 Ms. Nethmini Umesha