The enhancement course is one of the unique course units of the BBA curriculum in the Faculty of Management and Finance. The courses are offered as non-credit but compulsory courses incorporated in the degree programme. Students need to complete the enhancement courses before semester VI of their degree and there are three (optional) enhancement courses where students are requested to choose only one course and complete.

1.ENH 1001 – Aesthetic Activities

This course is offered in collaboration with the Cultural Centre, University of Colombo. Students are entitled to receive a certificate offered by the Cultural Centre upon the full completion of the course. Also, at the end of the course, students are requested to produce a reflective journal as evidence.

Following areas are covered under the Aesthetic Activities;

  • Oriental music
  • Traditional dancing
  • Folk music
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Art and sculpture
  • Handicrafts

Past glimpses of the Aesthetic Activities.

2.ENH 1002 – Life Skills

This course is offered in collaboration with the Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of Faculty of Management and Finance. Students are expected to attend to the workshops organized by the CGU as recommended by the Coordinator of ENH 1002. Also, it is a responsibility of students to maintain minimum 80% of attendance to workshop series. At the end of the course, students need to submit a reflective journal for the assessment.

3.ENH 1003 – Sports Activities

This course is offered in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education, University of Colombo. Students can complete this course by choosing a particular sport (or a few sports depending on the student’s preference) offered by the Department of Physical Education. Following are the available sports activities offered by the said department which students can choose at their preference.</p>

Athletic Badminton Basketball
Carom Chess Cricket
Elle Football Hockey
Netball Rowing Rugby
Swimming Table Tennis Tennis
Volleyball Weightlifting Wrestling

Students who undergo the Sports Activities have few options to complete the course as follows.

  • Represented Sri Lanka, the University or participated in a National Tourna­ment (junior or senior level) conducted by the relevant National Sports Body of the Ministry of Sports.


  • Represented the University in individual or team event in an Inter–University Tournament.


  • Been awarded University colors in a sport listed above


  • Obtained first, second, or third place in any individual event or been a member of the Faculty Team which obtained first, second, or third place in an Inter–Faculty Tourna­ment or meet.

Certificates and awards obtained together with a certification of the Director of Physical Education have to be produced as evidence with the reflective journal submitted to the Academic Affairs Unit if such submission happens during Se­mester II to IV. The students shall submit the reflective journal to the relevant Department of Specialization if the submission falls in Semester V or VI.