The Department of International Business was established on the 1st of October 2014 operates with the intention of providing a platform to build skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the globalized world of business and to be productive and globally-minded citizens. With these intentions in mind, the department offers a wide selection of subjects (courses) in the area of International Business Management which helps students to follow a career in International Business Management, International Trade or Finance, Supply Chain Management, etc. Apart from the dynamic and challenging curriculum, the International Business development employs a wide range of teaching methods and soft skills development programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of its students to better suit the needs of the local and global, academic and corporate demands. Furthermore, we also encourage students to conduct research from an international dimension, thereby exposing them to the rapidly globalizing world.

Message from the Head of the Department

Dr. W A Sajitha Dishanka

Welcome to the Department of International Business of the Faculty of Management & Finance of the prestigious University of Colombo.    

In an integrated and interdependent global economy, local business organizations have to strategize their business goals and objectives beyond their own country borders. Therefore, the internationalization of business through trade and investment has now become more fundamental than ever before. Importantly, this rising trend has necessitated a rapid transformation of local managerial functions to meet the cross-cultural requirements and challenges. Besides, such a transformation should be manifested in the acculturation of local managers to suit the cross-cultural contexts. 

The Department of International Business is a highly acclaimed, dynamic and forward-looking department of University of Colombo, which excels in education, training and research in the global academia. We have well-prepared with a customized curriculum and fully-equipped with well-trained personnel to acculture our learning partners to meet those global requirements and challenges. Our curriculum includes classroom lectures and presentations of taught courses, guest sessions by international managers, field visits to global companies, industrial training at multinational firms, and research on global issues. 

Former Heads of the Department

Mr. S. Sasidaran (2018-2021)
Dr. M. P. P. Dharmadasa(2015-2018)

Academic Staff 

Mr. A.G.C.S. Wijewardena

(on study leave) [MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CIMA (Passed Finalist), Accreditation for Teaching in Higher Education (SEDA), Reading for PhD (Monash Business School-Australia)]

Senior Lecturer 

Ms. N.H.M.S.M. Herath

[MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CIMA (Passed Finalist), Accreditation for Teaching in Higher Education (SEDA)]

Senior Lecturer

Mr. W.M.S.R. Weerasekera

[(Reading For MBA(Col),BBA (Col), ACCA (Professional stage)]


Ms. KMMM Karunarathne 

[BBA (Col), ACMA, CGMA], Reading for MBA (Col)]


Mr. DDC Lakshman

[(Reading for MPhil (BEC) (USJP), MBA (UK), BBA (Col), AAT Passed Finalist)]


Ms. Poornima Gamage

[BBA (Col)]

Assistant Lecturer


Mr. Krishmal Fernando

[BBA (Col)]

Assistant Lecturer


Non Academic Staff 

Ms. S.M.D. Maheshika

Mr. W. M. C. V. Wanninayaka

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business (special) Degree

BBA in International Business is an undergraduate course that trains a student in the key concepts of business management on a global or international scale. The duration of the BBA in International Business course is 4 years and during this time, a student gains the necessary theoretical skills as well as experiential knowledge required when operating in a global business environment. The course is very relevant in a modern environment where global trade is increasing and an increasing number of businesses are finding it profitable to search for new markets and work across countries.

Common Courses offered for the BBA in International Business stream  
Course Code Course Title Credits Course Status Semester Offered  
BEC 1304 Business Mathematics 3 Core I  
ACT 1302 Financial Accounting 3 Core I  
BBA 1300 Management Process and Practice 3 Core I  
BEC 1305 Microeconomics 3 Core I  
BEC 1201 Elements of Information and Communication Technology 2 Core I  
BBA 1200 Functional English and Basic Academic Writing 2 Core I  
ENH 1000 Second Language Course None Optional I  
  Total Credits in Semester I 16      
FIN 1302 Basic Finance 3 Core II  
BEC 1306 Basic Statistics 3 Core II  
HRM 1301 Organisational Behaviour 3 Core II  
INB 1200 Business Communication 2 Core II  
BBA 1201 Elements of Psychology and Sociology 2 Core II  
ACT 1201 Management Accounting 2 Core II  
BBA 1100 Community Development Project 1 Core II  
ENH 1001 Aesthetic Activities None Optional II  
ENH 1002 Enhancement Course None Optional II  
ENH 1003 Sports Activities None Optional II  
  Total Credits in Semester II 16      
FIN 2311 Financial Management 3 Core III  
HRM 2311 Human Resource Management 3 Core III  
BEC 2311 Macroeconomics 3 Core III  
MKT 2311 Marketing Management 3 Core III  
MKT 2227 Customer Relationship Management 2 Core III  
INB 2227 Introduction to International Business 2 Core III  
  Total Credits in Semester III 16      
ACT 2311 Advanced Financial Accounting 3 Core IV  
BBA 2301 Commercial Law 3 Core IV  
MKT 2312 Operations Management 3 Core IV  
BBA 2302 Organisation Theory and Design 3 Core IV  
BEC 2227 Business Statistics 2 Core IV  
FIN 2227 Financial Institutions and Markets 2 Core IV  
  Total Credits in Semester IV 16      
Specialized Courses offered for the BBA in International Business stream  




Course Title Credits Course Status Semester Offered
INB-3300 Research Methods 3 Core V
INB-3228 Management Information Systems 2 Core V
INB-3301 International Trade Theory and Practice 3 Specialisation core V
INB-3229 Cross Cultural Management 2 Specialisation core V
INB-3230 Managerial Economics 2 Specialisation core V
INB-3231 International Trade Law 2 Specialisation core V
INB-3232 Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility 2 Specialisation optional V
INB-3233 Auditing and Taxation 2 Specialisation optional V
INB-3302 Strategic Management 3 Core VI
INB-3207 Enterprise Based Project 2 Core VI
INB-3234 Supply Chain Management 2 Specialisation core VI
INB-3208 Seminar on Applied Research 2 Specialisation core* VI
INB-3209 Seminar on Research 2 Specialisation core* VI
INB-3313 International Finance 3 Specialisation core VI
INB-3235 e-Business 2 Specialisation optional VI
INB-3236 International Human Resource Management 2 Specialisation optional VI
INB-3237 Labour Law 2 Specialisation optional VI
INB-4238 Global Marketing 2 Specialisation core VII
INB-4239 International Relations 2 Specialisation core VII
INB-4800 Dissertation 8 Specialisation core** VII
INB-4600 Applied Research Project 6 Specialisation core** VII
INB-4240 Contemporary Issues in International Business 2 Specialisation optional VII
INB-4241 Destination Marketing 2 Specialisation optional VII
INB-4242 International Branding 2 Specialisation optional VII
INB-4243 Entrepreneurship and Venture creation 2 Specialisation optional VII
INB-4801 Industrial Training 8 Specialisation core VIII

Master of Business Administration in International Business 

As more companies expand globally, the most valuable employees will be the ones who understand how to manage resources and business activities across cultures. Students who pursue an MBA in International Business Management have the opportunity to sharpen their management and strategic-thinking skills while learning how business is conducted across cultures. They leave the program ready to handle the challenges that multinational corporations face on a regular basis. As a result, graduates might be in high demand and could command higher salaries.

Annual Department Welcome- 2019, Department of International Business

The Department Welcome of 2019 was organized to welcome the third-year students who had selected International Business (IB) as their specialization. Final year students of the department organized the outing at Hotel Super Corals, Hikkaduwa along with the participation of the academic and non-academic staff of the department on 31st of May 2019.

Annual Department Welcome- 2018, Department of International Business

The Department Welcome of 2018 was organized to welcome the third-year students who had selected International Business (IB) as their specialization. Final year students of the department organized the outing at the Sayura Beach Hotel, Unawatuna along with the participation of the academic and non-academic staff of the department on the 14th of May 2018.

Annual Department Welcome- 2017, Department of International Business

Annual Department Welcome- 2016, Department of International Business


Team Kingpins | Product – Kehel Kole received the Best Green Product first place and Best Promotional Campaign third place in EDP product launch & demonstration 2019.

Team Fanta Fab got the 2nd runner up in three categories which are Most Innovative Business, Most Ready to Start Business, and Best Green Product in EDP product launch & demonstration 2019.

De Nevo ‘19 

De Nevo ‘19 is the maiden event organized by the Department of International Business for the undergraduates at the Faculty of Management and Finance. It was a two-phased event comprised of a business case study competition aimed at an international business area. The first phase of the event was held on 23rd August at the faculty premises. Three shortlisted teams out of ten teams were competed at the finals held on the 30th  of August with the presence of dignitaries over 200 undergraduates of the faculty.

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