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Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) Programme

The Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) programme conducted by the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo is one of the most sought after HRM courses in the country. We also one of the most successful extension programmes run by the faculty. From its inception 7 years ago, we have managed to maintain high quality and standards of the DHRM programme and have attracted a wide array of students and practitioners who are passionate about pursuing a career in HRM or obtaining knowledge and capabilities in HRM.

Human Resources Management has become an extensively sought-after area of study among individuals of various disciplines. Even though there are many HRM programmes /courses offered by different institutes around the country, they appear to lack superiority in terms of quality teaching, curriculum and recognition.

Given the expertise, qualifications, competencies and recognition within the Department of Human Resources Management of the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo, it was thought a service to the industry and society to conduct a quality programme on Human Resources Management (HRM) to cater the increasing need of the discipline.

Mr Isuru Chandradasa
Coordinator-DHRM Programme

Mr Yohan Perera
Coordinator-DHRM Online Programme


Programme duration The programme duration is 1 year including lectures, continuous assessments, and written examinations.
Lecture schedule This is a weekend programme and lectures are conducted every Sunday during the one year.
Time breaks Time breaks are following the ‘Trimester’ schedule where one-third part of the academic year.

A trimester has 15 weeks from its beginning and there are 3 trimesters for the whole programme of DHRM (a trimester is subject to change based on circumstances).

Course units There are 10 course units to be completed in the DHRM programme.

Those 10-course units are then divided into 3 trimesters (please refer to Curriculum and Course Descriptions) for further details.

Coursework This programme has only coursework with the inclusion of academic and practical components. No research projects are required to be carried out in the programme.

The coursework consists with lectures and assignments endorsed by the relevant lecturer in a particular course unit.

Credit allocation  The entire programme of DHRM consists of 30 credits. Thus, one course unit is worth 3 credits.
Attendance Minimum of 80% attendance is a prerequisite either for online lectures or onsite lectures.

The programme coordinator verifies attendance of every lecture conducted throughout the programme.

Learning partners are NOT permitted to sit for examinations if they do not satisfy the minimal attendance requirement.

Total investment Total investment for the course is Rs. 110,000.00 • Learning partners can pay the total course fee in three installments (1st installment-Rs.55000.00, 2nd installment -Rs.30000.00 and third installment Rs.25000.00. 1st installment should be paid before commencing the programme.


The Department of Human Resources Management has clear-cut and strategically defined long-standing objectives for the delivery of its Diploma in Human Resources Management (DHRM) listed as follows.

  • Enhancing the conceptualization knowledge in HRM and soft skills of learning partners with cutting-edge teaching and continuous assessments.
  • Uplifting the competitive edge of the employability of the learning partners.
  • Offering quality teaching for learning partners with a well-refined curriculum.
  • Granting international recognition to learning partners with the prestige goodwill and international presence of the University of Colombo.
  • Preparing learning partners for their further higher studies.



The Diploma in Human Resources Management offered by the Department of Human Resources Management, University of Colombo possesses some significant attributes distinguishing its uniqueness over other diplomas offered by higher educational institutions in the country listing as follows.

  • Offering a fully-fledged qualification in HRM just within 12 months.
  • Offering in both languages, Sinhala and English.
  • Comprising of both theory and practical applications of subjects.
  • Course delivery with a highly qualified and competent panel of lecturers.


“The Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) offered by the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo is an excellent programme that provides comprehensive know-hows in the field of HRM. The course covers a wide range of topics such as recruitment, employee relations, performance management, and compensation and benefits. The course facilitators are highly knowledgeable and experienced. They provide practical insights and many real-world examples that are relevant to the contemporary HR landscape. The course materials are well-organized and easy to follow. The Learning Management System (LMS) that they provide for students is very user-friendly and accessible. Hence, I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field of HRM or looking to enhance their hands-on skills and knowledge in this field”.

Hirunika Perera

DHRM 2019-20 Batch

“The Diploma in Human Resource Management programme offered by the Department of Human Resources Management, University of Colombo not only deepened my understanding of HR but also provided me with transferable skills which are also applicable to my computing and management internship. This interdisciplinary approach empowered me to excel in both fields by creating a unique advantage for my career.”

Danidu Fernando
DHRM 2020- 2021 Batch

“The diploma offered by the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo provides high quality and timely relevant learning experience for individuals seeking to enhance their competency in Human Resources Management. Notably, the course and inclusion of Labor Law and related legal topics have particularly been beneficial for my LLB degree programme at the University of Peradeniya. The course filled me with both legal and management aspects. The guidance and support provided by the lecturers have been invaluable, serving as a solid foundation for every student. Also, the off-campus workshop is a great guide to someone and professional life who is willing to continue their career in the HRM field as it paves the future paths. Thus, this HRM course was such an eye-opener to the future”.

W. Sithmi Sathsarani
DHRM 2021/2022 Batch


Trimester 1    
No Course Code Course Name Credits
1 DHRM 01-01 Principles of Management 03
2 DHRM 01-02 Reading Finance and Accounting Reports 03
3 DHRM 01-03 Introduction to Human Resource Management 03
4 DHRM 01-04 Personality Development and Business Communication 03
Trimester 2
5 DHRM 02-01 Organizational Behaviour 03
6 DHRM 02-02 Labour Laws and Relations 03
7 DHRM 02-03 Employee Attraction and Retention 03
Trimester 3
8 DHRM 03-01 Basic Statistics 03
9 DHRM 03-02 Performance and Rewards Management 03
10 DHRM 03-03 Employee Counseling 03

DHRM 01-01 Principles of Management

The aim of the course is to provide students with basic knowledge on Management concepts and functions. The course will provide a solid platform for students to enhance their knowledge on Management related modules as they progress through the programme.

DHRM 01-02 Reading Finance and Accounting Reports

The course aims to provide a foundation for financial accounting practices. This course aims to top up accounting knowledge with a perspective of the accounting process, conceptual and regulatory framework applicable for financial reporting and preparation, application, and understanding of financial performance through financial statements.

DHRM 01-03 Introduction to Human Resource Management

This course is dedicated to outlining the administrative processes of HRM with possible applicative scenarios in the world of business and Information Technology. All the HR functions are thoroughly discussed with their related theoretical underpinning to enrich the learner’s understanding of the scope of HRM and its basic administrative applications in the real business world.

DHRM 01-04 Personality Development and Business Communication

This course intends to develop communication skills and strategies of personality development that can be used to effectively manage various organizational contexts. Topics such as presentation skills, CV writing and interview skills. crisis communication, personality types, essential skills (e.g. time management, stress management, emotional intelligence, etiquette), and personality disorders will be discussed.

DHRM 02-01 Organizational Behaviour

This course provides fundamental knowledge on the behaviors of people in an organizational context. The goal of this course is to develop concepts, theories, and practical knowledge relating to understanding and managing employee behaviors at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

DHRM 02-02 Labour Laws and Relations

The aim of this course is to provide the learning partners with a basic understanding of the labour laws that govern the employment relationship in the country and other important concepts and practices regarding employment relations. Hence, the course will specifically address areas such as labor law, discipline management, grievance handling, participative management, harassment & bullying, and trade unions. The knowledge that is gathered through this course will lay the foundation for a deeper understanding and practice of labor law and relations in the future.

DHRM 02-03 Employee Attraction and Retention

Human Resources are a source of competitive advantage in both the domestic and the global marketplace of business organizations. To gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace requires employees’ capabilities and motivation. Capabilities include recruitment and selection as well as learning and development. Motivation covers individual performance and the psychological contract, reward systems, performance management and job designs. The syllabus of the “Employee Attraction and Retention” caters to understanding the effects of current theoretical perspectives of the capabilities and motivation on both individual and corporate performance.

DHRM 03-01 Basic Statistics

Objective of the Course is to make students familiar with statistical tools, techniques and concepts in order to enable them to organize, present, and analyze data for effective decision making in Human Resources Management. At the end, students will be able to analyze data using appropriate techniques, draw conclusions from such analysis, and have problem solving ability. The course covers, classification of statistics, data collection, and methods of sampling, measure of central tendency, dispersion, skewness, kurtosis, correlation and regression analysis.

DHRM 03-02 Performance and Rewards Management

The course aims to provide learning partners with the knowledge and skills on handling performance and rewarding employees as one of most important Human Resources functions in an organization by reviewing related concepts. Learning partners will get to know how to carry out an effective performance management system and administer a reward system for successful management of human Resources in an organization.

DHRM 03-03 Employee Counseling

This course intends to elaborate counseling approaches and practices which are applied in the world of business for resolving employees’ mental issues and several psychological disorders. Further, it is dedicated to building up an effective counseling system at workplace with a profound conceptual approach and alternative techniques for resolving mental disorders with the intention of enhancement of organizational performance.

Core Faculty

Professor (Chair) Arosha S. Adikaram

[PhD (Col), MA in Labour Studies (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK), CMCIPM (SL)]

Professor Thilakshi Kodagoda

[PhD (Bradford-UK), M.Com (India), B.Com (Col), PGD in Social Research Methods (Bradford-UK)]

Professor Pavithra Kailasapathy

[PhD (Melbourne, Australia), MSBA (UMass-Amherst, USA), MS in HRM (New School, USA), Cr Cert in OD (New School, USA), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), Chartered Member CIPM (Sri Lanka)]

Dr A.M.C.P. Atapattu

[(PhD (Kelaniya), MBA (Col), B.Com (Col) CTHE (Col)]

Dr Mayuri Atapattu

[PhD (UNSW-Australia), MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK)]

Dr Rajitha Silva

[PhD (Kelaniya), MBA (CSU-Australia), MSC (Malaysia), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), PGDip (UK)]

Dr Dananja Wanninayake

[PhD (UNSW-Australia), MBA (PIM-SJP), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK), CIMA Passed Finalist]

Ms Ruwaiha Razik

[MBA (Waseda University – Japan), BBMgt in HRM (Kelaniya), FCPM (Sri Lanka), ACMA (UK), CGMA (UK), AIB (Sri Lanka), APB (Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK), Reading for Mphil leading to PhD (Col)]

Mr W.M.S.R. Weerasekara

[MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK), ACCA (professional)]

Mr Yohan Perera

[(MHRM (Kelaniya), B.B.Mgt. (Special) in HRM (Kelaniya), CTHE (Colombo)]

Mr. D.D.C. Lakshman

[MPhil (B.Econ) (USJP), MBA (Marketing) (UK, BBA (Int. Business) Col, AAT (SL) CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK)]

Ms S.A.D.K.S. Dissanayake

[MBA (Col) – reading, BBA (Col),ACCA (Strategic Professional),AAT (Passed Finalist), CTHE (Col)]

Ms Asheni De Silva

[MBA (PIM-SJP), LLB (London), BBA (Colombo)]

Ms Poornima Gamage

[BBA (Col), Reading for MBA (Col)]

Mr Isuru Chandradasa

[BBA in HRM (Ruh, SL), Reading for MSc (Sjp, SL)]

Mr Sachin Carlton

[B.B.Mgt. (Special) in HRM (Kelaniya), AAT Passed Finalist, Reading for MBA, (Col)]

Visiting Faculty

Mr. K.A.A.N. Thilakarathna

[LL.M (KDU), M.Soc (Col), LL.B(Col), MaTE (Col), SEDA (UK)]

Ms. Rovina Vandersay

[MBA (AIB, Aus), BBA (FUA, Aus), Dual HND in HR (HRMI)]




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