1. Diploma in Computer Based Accounting and Information Systems (DCAIS)

The Diploma in Computer-based Accounting and Information Systems (DCAIS) offered by the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo is a University Grants Commission (UGC) approved, Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF) Level 03 qualification. This program was specifically designed in order to cater to the essential professional requirements in the contemporary Business and Accounting field. This is a one year Diploma programme which consists of ten courses over two semester encompassing eight courses of study (course units) and an individual project. The aim is to provide a comprehensive knowledge on both theoretical and practical aspects of computer-based accounting applications and managing information. A candidate who successfully completes this Diploma will be proficient in developing and managing computerized accounting and information systems in an efficient manner.

Contact Details

Ms. K.J.D. Samanthi

Program Coordinator 

Department of Accounting

Tel: 0715543881

Email: dinushikasamanthi@dac.cmb.ac.lk

Offered by Department of Accounting


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2. Diploma in Human Resources Management (DHRM)


Course duration
  • The DHRM programme extends over a period of twelve months (one year) including lectures, continuous assessments, and written examinations.
Lecture schedule
  • This is a week-end programme and lectures are conducted on every Sundays during the one-year period.
Time breaks
  • Time breaks are in accordance with ‘Trimester’ schedule where one-third part of the academic year. 
  • A trimester has 15 weeks from its beginning and there are 3 trimesters for the whole programme of DHRM (duration of a trimester is subject to change based on circumstances).
Course units
  • There are 10 course units to be completed in DHRM programme. 
  • Those 10 course units are then divided into semesters (please refer 4.5. (pg. no. 17) Curriculum and Course Descriptions) for further details.
  • This programme has only coursework with the inclusion of their academic and practical components. No research projects to implement in the programme.
  • The coursework consists with lectures and assignments endorsed by the relevant lecturer in a particular course unit. 
Credit allocation
  • The entire programme of DHRM consists with 30 credits. Thus, one course unit is worth for 3 credits.
  • Minimum of 80% attendance is a prerequisite either for online lectures or onsite lectures.
  • The programme coordinator verifies attendance of every lecture conducted throughout the programme.
  • Learning partners are NOT permitted to sit for examinations if they do not satisfy the minimal attendance requirement.
Total investment
  • Total investment for the course is Rs. 97,500.00
  • 50% of the total investment (Rs. 48,750) should be paid before commencing the programme.
  • Other than the course fee, learning partners should have to pay registration fee, supervision fee, examination fee, and library deposit fee.
Offered by Department of HRM

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3. Diploma  in Finance(DipFin)

Offered by the Department of Finance

The Diploma in Finance is aimed at providing a strong foundation for those who require skill development and career progression in Finance. Moreover, the program intends to create enthusiasm among individuals to strengthen their finance education while filling the skill gap prevailing in the market at present.


1. To provide participants with an overall understanding of key areas in the discipline of finance.
2. To enhance the knowledge in finance while providing opportunities for the
participants to understand their practical application in the business environment.
3. Building competencies among the participants to seek better prospects in the field of finance.


Duration One Academic Year (Consisting Two Semesters)

Programme Structure

Semester I    – Five compulsory modules (03 credits each)

Semester II   – Five compulsory modules (03 credits each)

Total     = 30 credits

Lecture Dates Weekends
Lecture Mode Hybrid (Online/Onsite)
Medium English
Total Investment Rs.125,000 /= payable in two installments (excluding application fees, registration fees, examination fees and library deposits)


For further inquiries, please contact;

Course Coordinator DipFin,

Department of Finance, Faculty of Management and Finance,

University of Colombo,

Colombo 03.

Tele: +94-112- 501294/ +94 779041298

Email:  diploma-finance@fmf.cmb.ac.lk

4. Diploma  in Marketing

Offered by the Department of Marketing

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Deadline Extended : 08th August 2023