The Computer Unit is one of the key supporting units of the Faculty of Management and Finance which provides services to undergraduates, postgraduate students and to the staff of the Faculty of Management and Finance.

At present, the computer unit has two computer laboratories with fully networked 100 computers in each and other infrastructure facilities. These laboratories are available for the students and provide them required facilities for data analysis of their research work, computer applications in their course work and free Internet access throughout the day. The unit serves around 2000 undergraduates, 1000 postgraduates and for about 100 staff members at the moment. Computer Unit facilitates undergraduate and postgraduate courses by providing Sage 50 Accounting software, Enterprise Resource Planning (Sage evolution) software, Eviews, SPSS and office packages. The Computer Unit is responsible for developing and maintaining the Faculty web and email services while administrating the Faculty computer network. Further the more Unit administrates the Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS). The Unit is responsible for the Registration of new students as well as Course Registration and Exam Registration in each semester through the SIS.

Computer Instructors

Ms. C.R. Palliyaguru

[BSc (OUSL), Postgraduate Dip. (IT) (UCSC), ACS, MSc (Computer Sc) (UCSC), MCS (SL)]

Ms.V.P.C.P. Vidanapathirane

[BSc (Kelaniya), Post-Dip in Com Tech (ICT-Col), MSc (Col)]

Mr. K.D.N.C. Perera

[BSc in Computer Science (Special) (Col), MSc(IT) (UCSC)]

Mr. M.T. Dulaj

[BSc in Computer Science (Jaffna), MIS (UCSC-Reading)]

Ms. K.W.N.S. Anuradhani

[BSc in Information Systems (UCSC), Master of Information Technology (UCSC), MCS(SL)]

Ms. T.H.J.C. Gomes

[BIT(UCSC), Masters in Information Systems Management (Col–Reading)]

Assistant Network Manager

Mr. Paboda Ranaweera

[BSc(Hons)(Sp) in Information Technology (SLIIT) , Specialized in Computer Systems and Networking PGD(Mgt) (UOC), Masters in Information Systems Management (Col–Reading)]