The Colombo Business Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal in the field of business and management. It is published twice a year (June and December).

Aims and scope

The Colombo Business Journal aims to publish empirical and theoretical research, literature reviews, and book reviews conducted in the field of business, management and organizations in local, regional and global arena. Thus, its’ aim is two-fold: (1) to create a forum for exchanging views and launching intellectual debates among scholars and researchers in the field of management and (2) to advance the theory and practice of management through construction of new knowledge.The journal is not restricted to a specific research paradigm, and thus welcome submissions adopting variety of methodologies and methods: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed. It entertains analysis at individual, divisional, organizational and inter-organizational levels. Embracing multidisciplinary perspectives for enhancing understanding, it encourages crossing boarders and bringing insights from disciplines such as sociology, psychology, economics, and philosophy.