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Vol. 12 Issue 2

A Performance Evaluation of Ethical Mutual Funds: Evidence from India
Jasvinder Kaur and Rashmi Chaudhary
Underrepresentation of Women Managers in the Boardroom: Evidence from the Sri Lankan Financial Sector
Irosha S. Perera, Jani Ganeshan and Maksim Belitski
The Men’s Marriage Premium in the United States: What Remains after Controlling for Publication Bias and Heterogeneity?
Nuwan Indika Millagaha Gedara
Conceptualising Digital Content Marketing for Greater Consumer Brand Engagement
Mishel Elizabeth Jacob and Johney Johnson
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Challenges in Enacting Procedural Justice in Resolving Sexual Harassment Complaints
Arosha S. Adikaram and Pavithra Kailasapathy
Perspective Paper – Is Tobacco Marketing Overpowering Tobacco Control in India?
Shamim Akhtar And Laldinliana
Book Review – Parker, M. (Ed.), Life After COVID-19: The Other Side of Crisis
Richard Bolden