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Closing Date: November 22, 2023

MPhil/PhD Programme in Management & Business Studies

In recognition of the faculty’s need for a research degree programme for its strategic goal of achieving academic excellence in management education, the MPhil/PhD in Management & Business Studies programme was introduced in May 2014. Currently, the intake to this programme is limited to a maximum of 15 candidates to maintain a high standard of quality.

Programme Options

MPhil/PhD Full time Part time

Your Investment

For entry in the academic year beginning January 2022, the tuition fees are as follows:

For local applicants (in SLR)

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Refundable library deposit 5,000 5000
Annual Registration Fee 10,000 10,000 10,000 30,000
Library Fee 2,000 2,000 2,000 6,000
Tuition Fee 353,000 353,000 353,000 1,059,000
Total 370,000 365,000 365,000 1,100,000


Total all-inclusive investment for foreign nationals in USD (Except for food, lodging, Airfare and local travelling):

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
For SAARC Region 3000 3000 3000 9000
For Others 4000 4000 4000 12,000


Prof. A.A.C. Abeysinghe

Coordinator – MPhil/PhD Programme

“You are invited to be learning partners and to join our academic journey of exploring the social world for a better managerial practice from novel and alternative perspectives using philosophically rooted methodological choices”

+94 771 141 977

Resent Events

Students’ Seminars

Student Reviews

Thrisara Wickramasinghe

MPhil / PhD 2023

As a passionate researcher and a lecturer, the immense value-added opportunities provided throughout the Ph.D. program triggered my intellectual curiosity. In fact, joining the Ph.D. program offered by the faculty of management and finance at the University of Colombo was one of the best-blessed decisions I have made in life. Because this Ph.D. program stands out in many aspects. Indeed, it gives the learning partner a one-of-a-kind transformative experience. It is not only about the inevitable recognition both locally and internationally but also about the great experience and exposure it provides. The unique outstanding culture of the University of Colombo is full of excitement, enjoyment, and a positive vibe. Every encounter at the university enhances the feeling of a sense of belonging and that actually provides a peaceful happiness which is crucial for a fulfilling and fruitful academic journey. This journey so far has been always rewarding and enlightening.
I am immensely grateful to Prof. AAC Abeysinghe for enabling this journey to be an effective transformation enhancing our critical thinking with a philosophical understanding. The way Sir, explains complex phenomena in a very clear and precise manner is something that I admire. We are blessed to have continuous support, insights and guidance from such intellectual experts. I have realised how remarkable the incredible training provided throughout the PhD program has transformed me as a person. I will always be grateful to Prof. AAC Abeysinghe for being the leading light throughout this journey of pursuing wisdom.

Jingfang Liu

MPhil/PhD 2022

I am currently enjoying my learning in this programme very much. Talking about the best part of this programme so far is the comprehensive knowledge shared by different types of renowned professors on philosophical understanding of the research, which cannot be commonly found in other programmes where methodology prevails much more. This programme indeed highlights the importance of the philosophy in the research together with in-depth research training in other focused areas as what they have promised beforehand. Looking forward to gaining more exciting knowledge and knowing more amazing experts in the coming years! Thanks always Prof. Abeysinghe for being such a kind and lovely person to support me in my learning!

Mihirani Dissanayake

MPhil/PhD 2022

I am Mihirani Dissanayake, working as the CEO/ Directress of Survey Research Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. I am a mother of two children in grades 8 and A/L.

When I was looking for a university to attend to pursue my Ph.D., I wanted to find one that was respected both locally and internationally, as well as one that would place a strong emphasis on academic standards. As a result, I chose the University of Colombo for my Ph.D. program; nevertheless, given common misconceptions and obstacles in government institutions’ processes, I doubt that it will take me a long time to complete the program.

However, the first year of the program itself dispelled my uncertainty, and I am happy that I decided to pursue my Ph.D. at the University of Colombo. I am in awe of the program’s design, which ensures that every student receives equal guidance from a panel of legendary scholars from multiple disciplines and a highly engaged course coordinator. Prof. A.A.C. Abeysinghe makes a concerted effort to monitor the development of each student’s work and to outline the most effective route to complete all program milestones.

It is a miracle for me personally that I have completed all the program’s milestones despite my hectic job and family schedules. This would not have been possible without the candid, clear, and critical feedback I have received from the panel regarding my work thus far.

Therefore, I can state with certainty that choosing the University of Colombo would make the doctoral journey a great one for harried private-sector professionals like me.

Anitha Siriwardana

MPhil/PhD 2021 


As an academic working in private sector higher education, enrolling in the MPhil/PhD programme of FMF – University of Colombo was the best decision I made. Through my masters and undergraduate studies also, Colombo University never failed to prove its worth and through this MPhil/PhD programme the quality of work, design of studies with the comprehensive process followed proves consistent strength and value benchmarking the programme to become the number 01 PhD programme in the country.

I recommend and have already shared all details of the programme to all my colleagues and friends who look forward to transform their future in academics and grow as individuals with the highly supportive and qualified lecture panel and the best coordinator Dr. A.A. C. Abeysinghe who envisions in empowering students to genera new knowledge to the academia and economic growth.


I wish the best for the programme and look forward to contributing my best in the future.

Nethmi Herath

MPhil/PhD 2021 

As a young and early career researcher, I received worthy guidance and philosophical research background by enrolling into the MPhil/PhD program at the Faculty of Management and Finance, UOC. So far, it was an enjoyable and positive learning experience for me. If anyone is seeking to learn and expand research capabilities, this program has many perks.

Veronica Kurukulaarachchi

MPhil/PhD 2021 

The MPhil/PhD Programme at Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo helps me to enhance my knowledge and learn further research philosophy, research paradigms, literature review and methodologies. Providing excellent coordination, as well as empathy towards the candidates with the support and guidance directed them in right path to achieve their objectives. The progarmme facilitates us to strengthen ourselves with research knowledge, right attitudes and develop the skills in research which leads to holistic approach on top. Further the course modules emphasize the importance of theory, literature, finding the scholarly or scientific articles, peer review, contribution to existing knowledge and adding new knowledge to our specialized and relevant area. The healthy set of networks in the programme leads to research collaboration with other colleagues and institutes. Further, the programme enables us to identify new research opportunities with publications and presenting at conferences.

My sincere appreciation goes to the Coordinator of the Programme, the Dean of the faculty, my supervisor, all the lecturers who taught us, other faculty members and administration staff at the faculty.

Nandana Gunaratne

MPhil/PhD 2021 

I would like to appreciate the programme coordinator’s effort to make the success of this program and I decided to join this programme because of his way of following up my inquiry about this programme. (I had made all the arrangements to follow my studies in a postgraduate institute of another University). The time and days of activities are convenient for me.The course content is comfortable for students  who are coming from non-management  backgrounds.  The way of conducting lectures is very good. I am enjoying the program with my colleagues and I would like to recommend this program for my friends too. 

Wesley John

MPhil/PhD 2021

The PhD program of the Faculty of Management and Finance is designed to enhance the knowledge and research skills of the students to become a quality researcher. The teaching methods are very effective to gain deep knowledge about PhD level research with a deeper understanding of Philosophical perspectives. The discussions and group work led the program effective which helped to exchange and enhance new knowledge. Sharing the own research experience of the teaching panel always positively motivate the students. Sessions on Qualitative and Quantitative methods for all research students helped us to get better understanding about all different research methods to think on a broader perspective. The commitment of the Course coordinator and the teaching panel is exceptional.

Sachee Senanayake

MPhil/PhD 2021 

The course work we experienced so far has enabled us to gain comprehensive understanding on Philosophical underpinning of Research as well as on different Research Methodologies.

The panel of Lecturers we have encountered are all quite supportive and friendly. Especially Dr. Abeysinghe is always available to patiently answer the many queries of us and it’s a huge advantage when going through a tough academic endeavour such as this. therefore it has been a pleasant as well as an intellectually stimulating experience.

Pubuddi Shamila

MPhil/PhD 2021 

I choose Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo to start my next academic journey with following MPhil/PhD programme and that was the significant decision and I selected the most suitable place to continue my studies, because the University has the superior collaboration with the academia and that it leads to the perfection of the learning environment. They provide and exceptional assistance for the young researcher to initialize their journey to be successful. Since I joined with the study program, it has been very rewarding and enjoyable experiences. I believe this would be an amazing educational journey.

Dr. Pradeep Uluwaduge

MPhil/PhD 2014

My PhD Journey with the  Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo is truly an enriching experience, guiding me to chase my intellectual passion in an academicaaly challenging environment. It is a privilege to be a member of the inaugurl batch of the PhD Programme of the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo  and  being one of the first students successfully completed it. Frequent guidance extened by my supervisor made me to understand my abilities and areas to be improved, which drove me to work hard amidst of my personal and professional commitments. I am glad that I  was privy to complete my doctorate a Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo, the premier University in the country.


Dr. Shanta Rajapaksha Yapa

MPhil/PhD 2014

It is a great privilege to be the first PhD from the Faculty of Management & Finance, University of Colombo. It was a very challenging and an exciting journey that took multiple years and unconditionally supported by a competent and dedicated faculty. Despite my decades of experience as a practicing manager in diverse industry sectors, the PhD enabled me to leave my footprint in the domain of open innovation by way of multiple findings and tools that can be used by academics and practitioners across the world.

For MPhil Leading to PhD

  1. Bachelor’s Honors Degree (SLQF 6) with First or Second Class (Upper Division) with thesis option or subsequent published work in a subject area acceptable to the Faculty;  or
  2. Bachelor’s Degree (SLQF 5) with First Class (having offered relevant subjects) and postgraduate qualification/s with sufficient research component or published work acceptable to the Faculty ; Or
  3. Two-year Master’s Degree with substantial research component (SLQF 10) in a subject area acceptable to the Faculty; Or
  4. Any other Master’s Degree (SLQF 9) in a relevant subject with subsequent refereed published research acceptable to the Faculty; and

Good command of the English language.

For Direct Entry to PhD

  1. Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Degree (SLQF 11) of not less than two years duration in a subject area acceptable to the Faculty; Or
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field with a Master’s Degree of not less than two years duration with at least one year research component in a subject area acceptable to the Faculty; And

Good command of the English language.


Advice to applicants

As a preparation for the application process, you are advised to be engaged in preparing a good research proposal explaining your intended research topic.

Your research proposal need not to be a lengthy one. It should contain:

  • The background and the need of the suggested research
  • The research issue/problem
  • Empirical/ pilot study findings related to the issue
  • Importance of the suggested research either to the academia or to policy makers or both
  • The intended research method

The length of the report would be between 1000 -1500 words.

How to Apply

Please visit the website and download the application form:

Email duly filled application form along with scanned copies of Educational Certificate and Research Proposal to

Application Fee Rs. 5000 is payable online:

Foreign Applicants are not required to pay the application fee.

After evaluating application, the eligible candidates will be called for an interview which would be face to face or online.


Online Payment

Instruction for paying online – Application Fee

Step 01: Visit

Step 02: Select Fee Type for Postgraduate Applications for FMF Appearing as Application Fee -Post Graduate- FM/FS/FL/FGS/FMF

Step 03: Enter payment Reference 312091800002, then get verified

Step 04: Enter the payment amount as  Rs. 5000.00, Then submit and proceed to the payment window

Step 05: Proceed with your bank details and Finish

Instruction for paying online – Course Fee

Step 01: Visit

Step 02: Select Fee Type for Postgraduate Course fee for FMF Appearing as Course Fee – Post Graduate FM/FS/FL/FGS/FMF

Step 03: Enter the Individual reference number provided.

Step 04: Enter the amount of payment as per the instructions in the offer letter.  Then submit and proceed to the payment window

Step 05: Proceed with your bank details and Finish

Panel of Resource Persons

Professor H. N. P. Jayasinghe 

PhD (NUS – Singapore), MPhil (Sydney), MA (Econ) (Col), BA (Econ) (Col), SEDA (UK)

  • Capital Market Efficiency
  • Empirical Regulatory in Finance Market
  • Investor Behaviour
  • Corporate Governance

Professor K.A.S.P. Kaluarachchi 

PhD (Hosei, Japan)], MBA (Col), B.Com (Special) (SJP), CTHE (Col)

  • Management Theory and Practices (MTP)

Specific Opportunities Available

  • Exploring unexplored in quality management: A Sri Lankan case
  • Divisive to non-divisive: A story of success from service sector in Sri Lanka
  • Eco-tourism practices: A cutting-edge strategy to promote tourism in Sri Lanka

Professor A. S. Adikaram 

PhD (Col), MA in Labour Studies (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK), AMIPM (SL)

  • Employee Voice
  • Harassment and Bulling
  • Gender Issues in Management

Professor K. Dissanayake 

PhD (Meiji, Japan), MBA (Meiji, Japan), MBA (Col), B.Com (Col), Dip. In Adv. Eng. (Col), Dip. In Counseling (SLFI, Sri Lanka)

  • Values in organizations,
  • Sustainability Practices and SMEs
  • Generation Z at Work

Professor Pavithra Kailasapathy 

PhD (Melbourne, Australia), MSBA (UMass-Amherst-USA), MS in HRM (New School-USA), Cr Cert in OD (New School-USA), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), AMCIPM (SL)

  • Work Family Conflict /Balance
  • Recent Trends in Sri Lankan Labour Market
  • Gender and Organizations

Professor A. A. Azeez 

PhD (YNU, Japan), MBA (Col), B.Com (Peradeniya), Japan Foundation Fellow (Waseda University, Japan)

  • Assets Pricing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Banking

Professor D. T. D. Kodagoda

PhD (Bradford, UK), M.Com (India), B.Com (Col)

  • Work Life Balance and its policies
  • Woman in Entrepreneurship
  • Recent Trends in SL Labour Market

Professor Tharusha N. Gooneratne 

PhD (La Ttrobe, Australia), MPhil (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK), FCMA (UK)

  • Management Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Current Developments  in Management Accounting

Professor M. P. P. Dharmadasa 

PhD (Bond, Australia), MBA (Col), BSc (B. Ad.) (USJP), Dip in Packaging (AIP, India, CTHE (Col)

  • Strategic Management Issues
  • International Business
  • International Marketing
  • Family Controlled Business

Professor N. N. J. Navaratne 

PhD (Keio-Japan), MA (Keio- Japan), BSc (B.Ad.) (USJP), CTHE (Col)

  • Behavioural Aspects
  • Decision Making Patterns

Professor  B. Nishantha 

PhD (Ryukoku-Japan), MBA (Col), B.Com (Col), CTHE (Col)

  • Entrepreneurship
  • SMEs
  • SME Growth Dynamics

Professor A. A. C. Abeysinghe 

PhD (Manchester, UK), MPhil (Col), MBA (Slovenia), BSc (Business Administration) Sp. (USJP)

  • Management Controls
  • Public sector accounting
  • Integrated thinking & Reporting

Professor K G Sampath Kehelwalatenna 

PhD. (UBD-Brunei), MBA (Col), B.Com (Col.), CTHE (Col)

  • Accounting for Intangible Assets
  • Taxation
  • Intellectual Capital

Dr. K. Kajendra 

PhD In Marketing (Delhi- India), MBA (Cochin –India), M.Com (Kelaniya), B.Com (Jaffna-SL)

  • Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Organizational Behaviour

Dr. R. Senathiraja 

PhD (Madras, India), MSc (Mgt) (USJP), B.Com (Jaffna- SL), CTHE (Col)

  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Micro Finance & Social
  • Entrepreneurship

Dr. D. T. Wijetunga 

PhD (Melbourne, Australia), MBA (PIM-USJP), BSc. (Marketing Sp.) (USJP), CTHE (Col), Dip. in Mkt. (CIM, UK)

  • Consumer Culture
  • Critical Marketing

Dr. H. M. Nihal Hennayake 

PhD (AGU, Japan), MA (Economics) (GRIPS – Tokyo), M.Com (Kelaniya), MA (Economics) (Col.), BA (Economics) (Col.), CTHE (Col)

  • Cluster Based Industrial Development

Dr. G. A. T. R. Perera 

PhD (WUT,China), MBA (Col), B.Com (Sp.) (Col)]

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small and Medium Scale Industries
  • Indigenous Management Practices


Specific Opportunities Available

  • Entrepreneurship  and Entrepreneurship Development
  • MSME Sector Development and, Creativity and Innovation in the MSME Sector
  • Management Practices in Different Countries and Contemporary Issues in Management

Dr. Maduka Udunuwara 

PhD (Edith Cowen University, Australia), MBA (PIM), B.Com (Special, Col) CTHE (Col)

  • Customer Behavior in Travel & Tourism
  • Service Marketing and  Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  •  Customer Service

Dr. AWMM Atapattu 

PhD (UNSW-Australia), MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col),SEDA(UK)

  • Knowledge Management
  • Leadership
  • Cross Cultural Management

Dr. SDK Wanninayake 

PhD (UNSW-Australia), MBA (PIM-SJP), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col),SEDA(UK),CIMA Passed Finalist

  • Emotional Labour
  • Aesthetic Labour
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Dr. DLPM  Rathnasinghe 

PhD (MSU), MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col)

  • Micro Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Behavioral Finance

Dr.AW Janitha C Abeygunasekara 

PhD (QUT-Australia), MBA(SJP), BBA(Col),FHEA(UK),CTHE(Col),SEDA(UK)

  • Business Process Management & Performance Management
  • Auditing
  • Internet Based Technologies in Accounting and Auditing

Dr. Sashika Manoratne 

PhD (AUT, New Zealand), MBA (California, USA), BSc (SJP), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK), Passed Finalist CIMA

  • Sustainability and SMEs
  • Spirituality and Sustainability
  • Indigenous Industries
  • and Sustainability

Dr. S. Buvanendra

PhD (India), MBA (Col), BBA (Jaffna), CTHE (Col)

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Earnings Management
  • Financial Literacy

Dr. MA Yasantha D Madurapperuma

PhD (Republic of Korea),M.Sc. in MIT(Kelaniya), B.Com(Col),CTHE(Col)

  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Consumer Well Being
  • CSR and CRM
  • HR Practices
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. W Pemarathne Gamage

PhD (Kelaniya, Sri Lanka), MCom (Kelaniya), PG (Dip) in Business Management (Col), B.Sc. Bus. Adm. (SJP) , BA in RMSED (Costa Rica)

  • Sustainability
  • Creativity
  • Strategic Orientation

Dr. Nishani Ekanayake 

PhD (Newcastle Business School-UK),MBA(Col), BCom(Col), CTHE(Col), SEDA (UK), FHEA (UK)

  • Risks in Banks
  • Financial Markets
  • Bank Corporate Governance

Dr. MG Nuwan Indika

PhD (Kansas State University,USA),MA in Economics (USA) , BA Econometrics (Col), MEcon(Col), ACUE(USA)

  • Big Data
  • Econometrics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Micro Economics

Dr. Rajitha Silva

PhD (Kelaniya), CTHE (Col), MBA (CSU-Australia), PGDip. (UK), BBA (Col)

  • Corruption Prone Behaviour
  • Public Sector
  • Employee Behaviour at work

Dr. Tharindu C. Ediriwickrama 

PhD (Col), MBA (ICFAI, India), BSc (Finance Sp. USJP), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK)

  • Asset Pricing
  • Corporate Finance

Dr. WA Sajitha Dishanka 

PhD (Tokyo , Japan), MBA (Col), B.Com(Col) , CTHE(Col)

  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Capabilities and Human Development
  • Political Economy

Dr. Dharshani Thennakoon 

PhD (QUT-Australia), MBA (PIM-SJP),BBA(Col),CTHE(Col),SEDA(UK),CIMA Passed Finalist, Fellow of the Higher Education

  • Employee Engagement
  • Training Transfer
  • Organizational Routines

Specific Opportunities Available

  • Physical Work Environments and Organizational Space
  • Individual Career Transitions

Dr. Seuwandhi B. Ranasinghe

PhD (Glasgow, UK), MBA (Col), BBA (Col), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK)

  • Organization Studies
  • Post-Colonial Studies
  • Feminist ender Studies

Dr. Nuradhini K Jeyasiri 

PhD (Otago, New Zealand) ,MBA (Col), BBA(Col) , CTHE (Col), SEDA(Col) , Adv Dip in Management Accounting (CIMA)

  • Financial & Corporate  Reporting
  • Integrated Reporting & Integrated Thinking
  • Information System & Enterprise System

Dr. DG Sujeewa Damayanthi

PhD(PIM-Sri Lanka), MBA (Col),CTHE (Col) , SEDA( UK)

  • Management Accounting
  • Management Controls

Dr. Ruwangi Chandrasekara 

PhD(PIM-SJP),MBA (Col), BBA(Col) , CIMA Passed Finalist (UK), CTHE (Col) , SEDA(UK)

  • Cultural and Conflict/Cultural Tensions
  • Identity

Some Prefrered Areas Available for Research

Professor K.A.S.P. Kaluarachchi

Department of Management and Organization Studies

  • Exploring unexplored in quality management: A Sri Lankan case
  • Divisive to non-divisive: A story of success from service sector in Sri Lanka
  • Eco-tourism practices: A cutting-edge strategy to promote tourism in Sri Lanka

Dr. Tissa Ravinda Perera

Department of Management and Organization Studies

  • Entrepreneurship  and Entrepreneurship Development
  • MSME Sector Development and, Creativity and Innovation in the MSME Sector
  • Management Practices in Different Countries and Contemporary Issues in Management


Dr. Dharshani Thennakoon

Department of Human Resource Management

  • Physical Work Environments and Organizational Space
  • Individual Career Transitions


Research Degrees Unit

Faculty of Management and Finance

University of Colombo


Programme inquiries  

Programme Coordinator: 077 11 419 77 /071 75 114 19

Payment inquiries  

Senior Assistant Bursar: 011 25 831 06

General inquiries 

Senior Assistant Registrar: 011 25 012 92