Management Development Program conducted by Management Consultancy Unit of Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo is a dynamic and systemized training program designed to improve and build management and leadership talents in modern organizations. The program aims to develop the managers personally and professionally in terms of knowledge, competencies, attitudes, and confidence to achieve their professional and organizational goals effectively. The program is structured under four themes centered on the core competencies of Fundamentals in Managing People, Leadership, Technical Fundamentals and Personal Development.

Program Objectives

  • To develop personnel effectiveness and inter-personnel skills to manage individual and various personality types and build beneficial relationships with different stakeholders.
  • To provide basic knowledge on important functional areas of business organizations.
  • To enhance capabilities to lead teams and manage change effectively in a dynamic business environment.
  • To improve problem-solving and conflict resolution competences through an innovative and holistic perspective.


The pedagogy employed involves a variety of teaching and learning methods: Through real-world case studies, small group discussions, interactive presentations and other immersive experiences.

Target Audience

Managers, entrepreneurs and those who are aspiring to become managers, including executives.

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Management Development Programme (New)

Closing Date for the Application 20th March 2022