The Department of Management and Organization Studies offers BBA (Special) degree programme which provides knowledge and skills and inculcates the exact attitude to be Management Professionals in any functional area of business or entrepreneurs who also being a worthy citizens of this global society.

The curriculum of the Department is designed to prepare students to gather the knowledge related to all management aspects on their preference in order to arm them with general management knowledge. Therefore the Department is not constraining to any particular specialization area to conduct the industrial training during the degree programme while enabling opportunities for students to choose their own careers.

The department offers undergraduates, tremendous opportunities and experiences by conducting several annual events as Business Idea Competition (BIC) which generates and commercializes innovative business ideas of students, Research Development Forum (RDF) which builds the platform for the young academics to present their initial research ideas and to develop such ideas in a research culture through the comments of other academics, Diploma in Small Business Management (DSBM), Higher Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (HDESBM), Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management (PGDEBM), Residential Workshops, Outbound Trainings, Factory Visits, Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops. Moreover department organizes departmental day-outs to improve understanding and association between the staff and students.

Message from the Head of the Department

Dr.Tissa Ravinda Perera

The Department of Management and Organization Studies currently offers the BBA (Special) degree programme developing competencies of its students to be successful managers in any area of business and/or to be successful entrepreneurs, while they are being worthy citizens of the broader society. All students who step into the world of business with this degree qualification will find numerous opportunities in the broad spectrum of management to secure their employment easily in any field of business. More importantly, our students would rapidly climb up the organizational ladder to hold strategic positions in any organization.   

The courses offered by the Department would help its students enrich with competencies in the broad spectrum of management and to aspire entrepreneurs with new knowledge and capabilities to start and manage their own businesses as well. In addition to offering courses for the BBA (Special) degree programme, the Department has taken initiatives to offer several extension programmes and organize academic-related activities in management and entrepreneurship. Being one of the most mature and versatile departments of the Faculty, the Department of Management and Organization Studies consists of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members who are well connected with the corporate world to facilitate the enhancement of competencies and exposure of the students. Finally, I wish our Department to embark its future milestones very successfully and to step further in the modern business world.

Former Heads of the Department

Professor K. A. S. P. Kaluarachchi (2019-2021)

Prof. B. Nishantha (2015-2018)

Dr. R. Senathiraja (2013-2014)
Professor J.A.S.K. Jayakody  (2012)

Professor K. Dissanayake (2007-2011)

Academic Staff 

Professor K.A.S.P. Kaluarachchi

[PhD (Hosei, Japan), MBA (Col, Sri Lanka), BCom (Special) (Hons) (SJP, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka), LICA, MAAT]


Professor K Dissanayake

[PhD (Meiji, Japan), MBA (Meiji, Japan), MBA (Col, Sri Lanka), BCom (Special) Hons (Col, Sri Lanka), Dip. in Adv. Eng. (Col, Sri Lanka), Dip. in Counselling (SLFI, Sri Lanka)]


Professor B Nishantha

[PhD (Ryukoku, Japan), MBA (Col, Sri Lanka), BCom (Col, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka)]


Professor R. Senathiraja

[PhD (India), MSc (Mgt) (SJP, Sri Lanka), BCom (Jaffna, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka)]



Dr.Tissa Ravinda Perera

[Ph.D.( Wuhan University of Technology, China), MBA (Colombo ), B.Com(Colombo )]

Senior Lecturer

Dr. S.R. Manorathne

[PhD (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand), MBA (California, USA), BSc (USJP, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka), Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA, UK), Passed Finalist CIMA]

Senior Lecturer 

Mr. S. Sasidaran 

[MEcon (Col), BCom (Col), CTHE (Col)] 

Senior Lecturer 

Dr. Seuwandhi B. Ranasinghe

[PhD (Glasgow, UK), MBA (Col, Sri Lanka), BBA (Col, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka), Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA, UK) certified teacher in higher education]

Senior Lecturer 

Ms. K.K. Kapiyangoda

[MBA (Col, Sri Lanka), BBA (Col, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka), Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA, UK), Passed Finalist CIMA]

Senior Lecturer Grade II

Ms. D.C.L. Digoarachchi

[BBA (Col, Sri Lanka), Reading for MBA (PIM, SJP), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka), Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA, UK)]


Dr. J.C. Athapaththu

[PhD (Queensland University of Technology, Australia),MSc. (USJP, Sri Lanka),BSc in Computation & Management (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka),  PQHRM (CIPM, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Colombo, Sri Lanka), Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA, UK)]

Senior Lecturer (Transitional)


[BBA (Col),MBA(PIM), ACCA Affiliate]

Senior Lecturer (Transitional). 

Mr. M.S.J. Fernando (on study leave)

[MBA (Col, Sri Lanka), BBA (Col, Sri Lanka), PQHRM (IPM, Sri Lanka), CTHE (Col, Sri Lanka), Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA, UK)]

Senior Lecturer (Transitional)

Mr. S.A.A.Dissanayeke

Assistant Lecturer

Mr. K.S.Madhushankha

[BBA(Col.), CMA(Finalist), AAT(Passed finalist)]
Assistant Lecturer

Ms. T.T.Ediriweera


Assistant Lecturer

Non Academic Staff 

Ms. L.N.Edirisuriya

Mr. N.M.S.Banduthilaka

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Degree

The BBA (Honours) Degree programme has been specially designed without limiting students to a particular specialization area and this programme is enabling access to the knowledge related to all management specialization areas based on student preference. It provides great opportunities for students to select and plan their career path focusing on any area of management and to gain competitive advantages. BBA (Honours) Degree programme developing soft skills, knowledge and the background to become successful in any areas of business and/or to become successful entrepreneurs.

Course Code Course Title Credits Course Status Offered Semester
BBA-3303 Research Methods 3 Core V
BBA-3202 Management Information Systems 2 Core V
BBA-3304 Auditing 3 Specialization Core V
BBA-3305 Industrial Law 3 Specialization Core V
BBA-3306 Managing for Quality 3 Specialization Core V
BBA-3203 Project Management 2 Specialization Optional V
BBA-3204 Supply Chain Management 2 Specialization Optional V
BBA-3205 Personality Development 2 Specialization Optional V
BBA-3307 Strategic Management 3 Core VI
BBA-3207 Enterprise Based Project 2 Core VI
BBA-3308 Taxation 3 Specialization Core VI
BBA-3208 Seminar On Applied Research 2 Specialization Core* VI
BBA-3209 Seminar On Research 2 Specialization Core* VI
BBA-3206 Environmental Management 2 Specialization Core VI
BBA-3210 Cross Cultural Management 2 Specialization Optional VI
BBA-3211 Crisis Management 2 Specialization Optional VI
BBA-3212 e-Business 2 Specialization Optional VI
BBA-3213 Team Development 2 Specialization Optional VI
BBA-4214 Contemporary Issues In Management 2 Specialization Core VII
BBA-4215 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship 2 Specialization Core VII
BBA-4800 Dissertation 8 Specialization Core** VII
BBA-4600 Applied Research Project 6 Specialization Core** VII
BBA-4216 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 2 Specialization Optional VII
BBA-4217 Creativity and Innovation 2 Specialization Optional VII
BBA-4218 Knowledge Management 2 Specialization Optional VII
BBA-4219 Special Topics in Management 2 Specialization Optional VII
BBA-4220 Strategic Finance 2 Specialization Optional VII
BBA-4221 Organizational Change and Development 2 Specialization Optional VII
BBA-4801 Industrial Training 8 Specialization Core VIII

DSBM Programme

Details are needed

Business Idea Competition (BIC)

Business Idea Competition (BIC) is an annual event organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Unit (IEDU) of the Department. It was initiated in 2016 for the generation and commercialization of business ideas of the first and second year undergraduates of the Faculty. The participants are supposed to apply and present their creative and innovative business idea proposals individually and as teams in terms of new products, new services, new technologies and new solutions applicable to any area of business. The business idea proposals submitted by them individually and in teams are evaluated by panels consisting academics and industry experts and finalists have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a larger audience, which is the final round of evaluating such proposals. Next event of BIC has been opened up for all undergraduates in the Faculty as expanding the scope of the event. 

Objectives of BIC

The main objectives of the competition are to foster idea generation and to facilitate the commercialization of business ideas of students in the faculty. In addition, it is expected to enhance the linkage between the industry and the structure.

Evaluation Criterion

Throughout the competition, the business ideas received by the students will be judged on the following aspects,

  1. The commercial viability of the business
  2. The entrant’s potential to turn the idea into a sustainable business or social enterprise
  3. the potential of the business to raise finance
  4. The level of expected social, environment, cultural, or economic impact
  5. The ability to reach the target market
  6. The degree of creativity and innovation


  • A cash price of LKR 75000/= and a certificate for the first place
  • A cash price of LKR 50000/= and a certificate for the second place
  • A cash price of LKR 25000/= and a certificate for the third place
  • A certificate for the fourth to tenth place

Research Development Forum (RDF)

Research Development Forum (RDF) was initiated by the Department in 2008 to inculcate a research culture among academic staff members of the Faculty. In particular, it has been providing opportunities and a forum for young academics to present their initial research ideas and to develop such ideas through the comments of other academics. Presently, the research seminars and workshops of the Forum are organized through a Coordinator appointed from the academic staff members of the Department periodically. Today the RDF of the Department is such popular among the academia of the country because it has turned to arrange research workshops and invite external university academics (both local and international) for the knowledge sharing sessions.

Departmental Day Out

A Day Outs organized for the third year and fourth year students of the Department with its academic and non-academic staff members as a usual event, which includes fun filled activities and out-bound training sessions focused to develop leadership and networking skills of the students.

A Motivational Speech Organized by the Department for the First Year Students of the Faculty

A guest lecture session on Motivation was organized by our department for the first year Students inviting the resource person. Lahiru Ratnayake, a motivational speaker (also a BBA degree holder from our faculty) in order to enhance the motivational level of the students and to successfully continue their studies in the university. This session also helped improving the awareness of the students on how to manage their stress level being doing studies at the university by sharing such real life and practical experience by the speaker.

Students’ Aceivements

Place Winner/s Award
First place

Ms.Shaleena Haroon

Ms.Sharfa Cader

Mr.Amry Asif

Cash price of LKR 50000/= and a certificate
Second place

Mr.Niresh Fernando

Ms.Dinali Sanjula

Cash price of LKR 30000/= and a certificate
Third Place

Ms.Sanduni Jayathilaka

Ms.Ayodya Samali

Ms.Kanchana Sendanayake.

Cash price of LKR 20000/= and a certificate


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