The establishment of a Career Guidance Unit (CGU) within the Faculty of Management and Finance results from the clear necessity of proactively coaching our undergraduates to be competitive in the labour market by bridging the gap between the labour market requirements and the competencies of undergraduates/ immediate graduates.

The Unit begins attaining aforesaid aim by formalizing and administering the Industrial Training Programme of the Faculty which is part of the curriculum in Level II Semester VIII. Here, the role of the CGU is vital with the responsibilities for finding internship placements annually to the entire batch, coordinating the Industrial Training Programme including its evaluation procedure and acting as a liaison between the undergraduates and the industry. The CGU does not look upon finding internships for the undergraduates as the boundary of its responsibility, but continues its endeavors to ensure that all the immediate graduates secure permanent employment in well established organizations.

In addition to the key task stated above, this unit passionately looks forward to forging and sustaining mutually beneficial collaborations with organizations in the private, public, and non-governmental organization (NGO) sectors. Such collaboration would be forged through a number of interventions including, but not limited to, conducting assessment centers, organizing an annual career fair, bringing the corporate sector experts to dialogue with undergraduates and the academic staff on producing employable graduates, and promoting joint research with corporate sector organizations on career guidance and career counseling.