ICTA FMF Boot Camp on Entrepreneurship – 2018

“The Bootcamp will be the most intense educational experience of your life.”

We all have hidden obstacles on our path to extraordinary impact. Lack of knowledge. Poor discipline. Ego. The Bootcamp will reveal what your obstacles are. If this is what you want, the Boot Camp is for you.

When you come out on the other end, you also will be armed with a comprehensive toolkit for innovation and leadership. What is more, you will develop lifelong bonds with innovators from all over the world.

The Bootcamp is a highly selective program, but we care little for your credentials, grades and test scores. Ultimately, they matter little.

We look for individuals who demonstrate initiative with follow through, capacity for calculated risk, critical openness and commitment to community. The Bootcamp will strengthen your systems thinking, infuse you with a collaborative identify and focus your mindset on the long-term.

If this is you and what you want to become, and are ready to sacrifice comfort to achieve it, we want to hear from you – wherever you are, whatever you do.

Registration link for the programme: