BBA (Special) Degree

BBA (Special) Degree

Bachelor of  Business Administration (Special)

This Degree Programme has been designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and training on the different aspects of management and organizations. While providing a sufficient theoretical understanding in the field of management and organization studies, it aims to enable students to analyze contemporary issues in management and organizational activities.

Courses offered for the BBA (Special) stream
Course Code Course Title Credits Course Status Semester Offered
BBA-3303 Research Methods 3 Core V
BBA-3201 Management Information Systems 2 Core V
BBA-3304 Auditing 3 Specialization core V
BBA-3305 Industrial Law 3 Specialization core V
BBA-3306 Managing for Quality 3 Specialization core V
BBA-3202 Project Managment 2 Specialization optional V
BBA-3203 Supply Chain Management 2 Specialization optional V
BBA-3204 Personality Development 2 Specialization optional V
BBA-3307 Strategic Management 3 Core VI
BBA-3207 Enterprise Based Project 2 Core VI
BBA-3308 Taxation 3 Specialization core VI
BBA-3208 Seminar on Applied Research 2 Specialization core* VI
BBA-3209 Seminar on Research 2 Specialization core* VI
BBA-3205 Environmental Management 2 Specialization core VI
BBA-3206 Cross Cultural Management 2 Specialization optional VI
BBA-3210 Crisis Management 2 Specialization optional VI
BBA-3211 e-Business 2 Specialization optional VI
BBA-3212 Team Development 2 Specialization optional VI
BBA-4213 Contemporary Issues in Management 2 Specialization core VII
BBA-4214 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship 2 Specialization core VII
BBA-4800 Dissertation 8 Specialization core** VII
BBA-4600 Applied Research Project 6 Specialization core** VII
BBA-4215 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 2 Specialization optional VII
BBA-4216 Creativity and Innovation 2 Specialization optional VII
BBA-4217 Knowledge Management 2 Specialization optional VII
BBA-4218 Special Topics in Management 2 Specialization optional VII
BBA-4219 Strategic Finance 2 Specialization optional VII 犀利士
BBA-4220 Organizational Change and Development 2 Specialization optional VII
BBA-4800 Industrial Training 8 Specialization core VIII

Notes:  * Students who opt for Dissertation option shall select BBA-3209 Seminar on Research and students who opt for Applied Research Project shall select BBA-3208 Seminar on Applied Research.

** Students shall select either BBA-4800 Dissertation or BBA-4600 Applied Research Project.