Activity-Based Academic English training programmes for Department Staff

The Department of Accounting offered and organized an Activity-Based Academic English training programme for the academic staff of the department, with the intention of uplifting the lecture delivery skills, fluency development, articulation and teaching techniques. The programme was open to all staff of the department and there are 2 training series conducted annually in quarter 2 and quarter 4 covering 16 hours altogether. Currently the first training series is undergoing. This training programme elevates the overall quality of academic teaching, by offering useful techniques for day-to-day teaching in lectures and seminars, and ultimately it enhances the chance of attracting the most talented students and staff.

Activity-based Business and Academic English training programme for Undergraduates

This programme is specially designed for third and final-year undergraduates who wish to develop their English Language skills and enhance their career growth. The programme is offered in two phases: Phase 1 for third-year students and Phase 2 for final-year students.

Phase 1: This 3rd year training programme is an integrated course which focuses on language skills: Reading, Writing, Speech and Listening. Special attention is given to developing business communication skills for office use such as writing memos, notes and basic letters. A variety of exercises, tasks and activities have been designed to cater to students’ needs enabling them to function in English, particularly in their place of work. The training programme was conducted om every Mondays from 9th of May 2022 to 20th of June 2022.

Phase 2: This is a comprehensive course designed to enable efficient functioning in English in the workplace by expressing specific needs in developing business English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, using learning resources, learning business cases, business knowledge, language knowledge and simulation tasks. Based on learner needs, a task-based teaching approach was implemented. Most of the participants considered the task-based learning approach as effective. The training programme was conducted om every Wednesdays from 11th of May 2022 to 22nd of June 2022.


An employability skills session was conducted by Dr. Mahesh Jayasinghe on the theme “Employability Skills of an Accounting Graduate” for the undergraduates students of the Department of Accounting on the 24th of February 2022 via zoom to enhanace and develop the employability skills of the students.

Industry Dialogue Sessions

The Department of Accounting as a part of the AHEAD Project organized a series of Industry Dialogue Sessions for the undergraduate students of the Department of Accounting with the facilitation of many skilled and qualified professionals or resource persons locally and from abroad under various themes to improve the knowledge of students on varied contemporary topics, to develop skills of the students etc..

1st Session: “Changing Landscape of Financial Reporting & External Audits” by Prof. Nandita Mishra from Linkoping University, Sweden on 04th of March 2022.

2nd Session:“Accounting is more important for business scaling rather than business growth in the contemporary business world” by Mr. Roshen Rodrigo on 08th of March 2022.

3rd Session:“Ethical adoption of AI, Connecting AI & ESG” by Mr. V.S. Parthasarathy, Vice Chairman of Allcargo Logistics, India on 10th of March 2022.

4th Session:“Digital Transformation on Accounting and Finance using Robotic Process Automation” by Mr. Musthalie on 15th of March 2022

5th Session: “Stakeholder Activism and Changing Role of the Auditor” by Mr. Jerad Dias, Partner of BDO Partners, Sri Lanka on 18th of March 2022.

6th Session:“Beyond Reporting to Analytics and Decision Making” by Mr. M. Usama Jiffry, Manger of Candor Equities Limited, Sri Lanka on 24th of March 2022.

7th Session:“Sustainability and Environmental Accounting” by Mr. Sonal De Silva on 24th of March 2022.


The Department organized a series of professional etiquette sessions for the third and fourth year students of the Department of Accounting under the theme “Shaping You” conducted by Mr. Athula Kithsiri to shape and mould the students and to deliver skilled prospective students to the market.

1st Session:Organized for the 3rd year students of the Department of Accounting on the 03rd of March 2022.

2nd Session:Organized for the 4th year students of the Department of Accounting on the 31st of March 2022.

Data Analysis Training Sessions

The Department of Accounting organized a workshop series of quantitative data analysis training sessions during the month of June 2022 for the third and final year undergraduates. The aim of these training sessions was to enhance the undergraduate students’ knowledge on quantitative data analysis with the aid of different software. The first session was conducted on analysing secondary quantitative data using E-views software and the second session was conducted on analysing primary quantitative data on the 1st of June 2022. The resource persons of this training sessions were; Prof. Sampath Kehelwalatenna, Ms. Yashodha Hewage, Mr. Samitha Rajapaksha and Ms. Kalani Dissanayake who possess expertise in the field.

Seminar on Research Sessions

Seminar on Research sessions are special research skills development programmes conducted by the Department of Accounting exclusively aiming at the undergraduates specializing in accounting, where they are provided with various opportunities to interact with experts from the specific field. Discussing about the relevant topics of the particular subject, students tend to learn the latest information and new skills related to their area of research.
Amidst many challenges, four seminars on research were successfully held from 3rd February to 18th May 2022 with the participation of both third and final-year undergraduates from varied departments and a minimum of 60 students attended all 4 days.

1st Session: “Levels of measurement and analysis techniques” by Prof. Pavithra Kailasapathy from the Department of Human Resources Management of University of Colombo on 03rd of February 2022

2nd Session: “Writing Introduction Chapter” by Dr. A.A.C Abeysinghe from the Department of Accounting of University of Colombo on 22nd of February 2022

3rd Session: “Theories for Accounting Research” by Prof. Ajward from the Department of Accounting of University of Sri Jayewardenepura on 08th of March 2022.

4th Session: “Theory Application to Research” by Prof. Ajward Department of Accounting of University of Sri Jayewardenepura on 18th of May 2022