Message from the Dean

10I am pleased to welcome you warmly to the Faculty of Management & Finance, University of Colombo. The Faculty is considered to be a unique institutional setting for business education at both undergraduate and post graduate levels for various reasons. We, as a Faculty, take great pride in our academic programmes and students.

The Bachelor of Business Administration Programme (BBA), offered by the Faculty of Management and Finance, is a four year special degree with eight areas of specialization. The programme is regularly updated to suit the industry requirements and to incorporate the contemporary developments in the discipline. Its teaching and learning activities are based on the course unit system allowing you to choose from a wide range of subjects to enhance your future career prospects. The language of instructions in the Programme is English. The curriculum of programmes offered by the Faculty consists of a fine blend of teaching/learning exposure to the real business world.

In addition to the regular academic activities, we also offer you many other opportunities to develop your extra-curricular interests. We wish to see that you make good use of these facilities for a fuller development of your personality.

Faculty of Management and Finance currently accommodates around 1,800 Bachelor of Business Administration of students, more than 900 Master of Business Administration candidates, 44 PhD candidates and 75 Executive Diploma in Business Administration students. In addition to this, we have 25 students in the Diploma in Small Business Administration programme, 25 students in the Post-Graduate diploma in Banking and Finance Programme and 30 students in Diploma in Human Resource Management.

At the Faculty of Management and Finance, we have 69 permanent academic staff member, including 24 PhDs and 32 Master degree holders. We hold our students to high expectation for behavior, character and habits of study. As the Dean of the Faculty, my goal is to guide our students toward becoming responsible young citizens and models for others by holding themselves accountable for their actions as well as recognizing their goals.

To ensure a positive experience, all students, are expected to know, understand, and comply with the policies laid down in the student handbook. Let me again, warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Management and Finance, and we look forward to sharing all your curricular and extra-curricular successes, in the years to come.

Dr. R. Senathiraja

Dean, Faculty of Management and Finance