Issues Online 2

Illiquidity Based Factor Construction in Asset Pricing: An Analysis on Long Run Performance of Sri Lankan Initial Public Offering Stocks
T.C Ediriwickrama and A.A Azeez
Transformation of the Nature of Managerial Work in Modernity:
Evidence from the Japanese Workplace
Akira Kimata and Masayasu Takahashi
Is SAFTA Desirable? Evidence from Static Theory
T.U.I. Peiris, M. Azali, M.S. Habibullah and A. Hassan
Capital Structure Dynamics: Near vs. Off Target Firms in Sri Lanka
S. Buvanendra
The Study of Professional Training to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Small and Medium Scale Hotels in Sri Lanka
Kalpana R. Ambepitiya and Upul Rohana Dharmasiri
Editorial: Trends and Issues in Hospitality and Tourism
Maduka Udunuwara, Dale Sanders
Challenges in Cruise Tourism in Relation to Shore Excursions: The Case of Sri Lanka
H. M. S. Samarathunga
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practices towards Customer Brand Engagement: Evidence from the Hotel Industry in Sri Lanka
G. N. Kumarapeli, G. D. Samarasinghe and G. N. Kuruppu
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practices in the Hotel Sector from the Perspective of Leisure Travelers
Maduka Udunuwara, Dale Sanders and Hugh Wilkins
Ecotourism Practices in Sri Lanka: The Case Study of Rainforest Eco Lodge
M. D. Fernando and K. A. S. P. Kaluarachchi
Multi-Level Mediation in Strategic Human Resource Management: A Conceptual Framework
Nisha Palagolla and Vathsala Wickramasinghe
Econometric Analysis of Trade Openness and Economic Growth for Developing Countries
Muhammad Tahir and Mohammad Saeed Lodhi
Institutionalization of Activity Based Costing in a Sri Lankan Manufacturing Firm: A Case Study
S. Cardes and Tharusha N. Gooneratne
Book Review: Jayadeva Uyangoda, Social Research: Philosophical and Methodological Foundations
H. Rambukwella
Long-Run Determinants of Equity Foreign Portfolio Investment (EFPI) in Sri Lanka: A Time Series Analysis with Autoregressive Distributive Lag (ARDL) Approach
G. D. K. Kumara and D. A. I Dayaratne
Concepts and Implications of Theory of Co-production
R. Abeysekera
Credit Rating Companies and Their Activities in Bangladesh: An Evaluation
B. C. Mazumder
Book Review: Mats Alvesson and Jorgen Sandberg, Constructing Research Questions: Doing Interesting Research
J. A. S. K Jayakody
An Exploratory Study on Managing Fixed Customers: Cases of Australian B-to-B Business
Masahiro Hosoda, Kenichi Suzuki
An Appraisal of Natural Resources and Socio-economic Development: The Nigerian Case
M. E. Airhunmwunde
How has “Management of Ba” been developed?
Itami’s research from Management control systems to Management of Ba

Kenji Inoue, Kenichi Suzuki
The Impact of Organizational Culture on Service Innovation:
An Empirical Study of Sri Lankan Business Service Organizations

K. A. S. K. Kariyapperuma
Book Review: Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke, Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners
D. Wijetunga
Impact of Consumers’ Moral Self- Identity on Green Purchase Decisions of Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG)
G.D. Samarasinghe and F. J. Ahsan

Ethical Dilemmas for Human Resource Professionals in Handling Sexual Harassment at Workplaces: Cases from Sri Lanka
K. Paternott and A. S. Adikaram
Perceived Value of Online Services: Scale Validation and Managerial Implications
T. C. Gamage and F. J. Ahsan

Change of Management Control from the Balanced Scorecard to Budgeting: Case-Study Evidence from a Commercial Bank

K. K. Kapiyangoda and T. N. Gooneratne
Social Development and Labour Productivity: The Problem and a Solution for the
Tea Plantation Sector of Sri Lanka

S. Dishanka and Y. Ikemoto
Book Review: Kenneth Abeywickrama, Adventures in Management: A Saga of Managing in a Developing Country
N. U. Amaratunga (née Siriwardena)

Vol 4 Issue 1

The Impact of Environmental Regulation on Technological Innovation and Competitive Advantage: A Case Study of Sulphur-free Gasoline
T. Miki

Importance and Issues of Taxation in Sri Lanka
K. Amirthalingam
The Impact of Innovative-Supportive Culture on Employee Performance in Software Development Companies of Sri Lanka
M. Srikantharajah and R. Senathiraja
Opportunistic Behaviour and Psychological Contract between Employer and Employee
N. N. J. Navaratne
The Impact of Parliamentary and Presidential Elections on Stock Returns in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) A. M.
C. P. Attapattu and P.S.M.Gunaratne
Invited Expert Commentary: Raising the Sri Lankan Profile of Interdisciplinary Research in Management
D. Wickramasinghe
Emerging Organizational Structures: Implications for Leaderless Organizations
K. Dissanayake and M. Takahashi
Green is Good in Indian Stock Market
V. Tripathi and V. Bhandari
Book Review: Sudatta Ranasinghe and Mangala Fonseka, Research in Management: A Guide to Practice
F. J. Ahsan
Role of Identity in Creating Work Centrality among Young Sri Lankan Professionals in the Era of Late Capitalism
M. A. R. Nishantha Kularathna and Arosha S. Adikaram
Significance of Trait Inferences on Applicant Attraction: A Study of the Indian Information Technology Sector
M. Kavitha and P. T. Srinivasan
Psychological Capital: A Review of Evolving Literature
G. Sridevi and P. T. Srinivasan
Book Review: Badrinarayan Shankar Pawar, Theory Building for Hypothesis Specification in Organizational Studies
J. A. S. K. Jayakody