Ecotourism Practices in Sri Lanka: The Case Study of Rainforest Eco Lodge

M. D. Fernando and K. A. S. P. Kaluarachchi


Though ecotourism has become a new concept in modern tourism, it has not been practiced by ventures in its true sense. This issue is also true for the eco tourist ventures in Sri Lanka since they have been unable to identify the eco tourist markets and customer segments clearly.  As a result, there is a lack of common principles and frameworks of ecotourism to guide the eco tourist ventures who then only try to satisfy their ecotourism destinations to a basic level. Such a short-term orientation can prevent eco tourist ventures to focus more on the sustainability of their business. The present study using a comprehensive framework of ecotourism, examines the ecotourism practices of an ecotourism lodge in Sri Lanka and it has revealed that the company has given attention to the best practices of ecotourism to a greater extent. However, the broader issue faced by the company as an ecotourism venture in Sri Lanka is the lack of ecotourism standards and practices maintained by Sri Lanka as a nation to meet the international ecotourism principles.

Keywords: Ecotourism, Ecotourism Practices, International Ecotourism Principles