The Study of Professional Training to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Small and Medium Scale Hotels in Sri Lanka

Kalpana R. Ambepitiya and Upul Rohana Dharmasiri


Sri Lanka is currently in the stage of rebuilding its economy after three decades of civil war. One of the major focuses in this development endeavour is the leisure and hotel industry. Therefore, opportunities are open for international hotel chains as well as small providers. Small and medium scale hotels face many challenges in operating their businesses economically. Retention of customers is one of the major problems faced by those engaged in this sector. This study discusses the effects of professional training to ensure the satisfaction of customers in small and medium scale hotels in Sri Lanka. In collecting data, two questionnaires were distributed between two samples of respondents. One sample comprised 53 employees from 10 small and medium hotels while the other sample comprised of 30 local and foreign customers. This study indicates that professional training of employees has a direct impact on building customer satisfaction in small and medium scale hotels in Sri Lanka. Both customers and the employees believe that when the professional training is high, the quality of service at these hotels also increases. Thus, it indicates that providing continuous professional training is beneficial to the organization and to the individual concerned. A well-trained employee can increase customer satisfaction and repetition of purchase.


Keywords: Professional Training, Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Service, Small and Medium Hotels.