Vol. 5 Issue 2 & Vol. 6 Issue 1

An Exploratory Study on Managing Fixed Customers: Cases of Australian B-to-B Business
Masahiro Hosoda, Kenichi Suzuki
An Appraisal of Natural Resources and Socio-economic Development: The Nigerian Case
M. E. Airhunmwunde
How has “Management of Ba” been developed?
Itami’s research from Management control systems to Management of Ba

Kenji Inoue, Kenichi Suzuki
The Impact of Organizational Culture on Service Innovation:
An Empirical Study of Sri Lankan Business Service Organizations

K. A. S. K. Kariyapperuma
Book Review: Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke, Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners
D. Wijetunga