Convergence in Electricity Consumption among Selected West African Countries

Yusuf Abdulwahab Hassan
 Muideen Adejare Isiaka


This study tests the convergence in electricity consumption per capita among selected West African countries participating in the integration of their electricity market under the West African Power Pool (WAPP) initiative over the time period of 1971-2014. This study is significant as it helps clarify a concern within the area of energy economics; that is, whether cross-sectional differences in electricity-related measures across countries shrink over time. An answer to this would further help understand how electricity intensity tends to increase in countries that have relatively low electricity intensity for their low-income level.  To this end, the study applies panel unit root tests. The results indicate that the per capita electricity consumption is not converging for the selected countries. The findings suggest that the goals of the WAPP initiative have not improved electrification access. Therefore, policymakers need to reassess the programme in order to ensure that its objectives are achieved.

Keywords: Convergence, Electricity Consumption, Panel Unit Root Test, WAPP

Volume 10, Issue 1
June 30, 2019
Pages: 1-18


Suggested citation:

Hassan, Y. A. & Isiaka, M. A (2019). Convergence in electricity consumption among selected West African countries. Colombo Business Journal, (10)1, 1-18. doi: 10.4038/cbj.v10i1.41

Yusuf Abdulwahab Hassan
Department of Economics and Development Studies, Federal University of Kashere, Nigeria

Muideen Adejare Isiaka
Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance, Bells University of Technology, Nigeria