Professor A. A. Azeez

It is my great pleasure to warmly welcome all of you joining the Postgraduate and Mid-career development Unit (PGMCDU) of the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo which is considered to be a unique institutional setting for business education at postgraduate level for various reasons.

Our society today is undergoing rapid change. The world is globalizing, new technologies are appearing successively, and the market is changing. In order to survive in the global competitive environment, management knowledge of a global standard is essential. We need to acquire the capacity to solve problems and develop practical skills to tackle the problems for which our experience so far is not applicable. The PGMCDU of the Faculty of Management & Finance is the best place to acquire management knowledge, problem-solving capability, the capacity to act, and leadership skills through its Doctorate, Masters and Post-graduate Diploma Programmes in Business.

The PGMCDU aims to create knowledge, to develop leaders with global perspective, and to form a learning community. The greatest strength of the Faculty of Management & Finance of the University of Colombo is its Teaching Faculty consisting of well-trained academics. Faculty members have acquired their academic and professional training from well reputed institutes all over the world and thus have brought diverse experiences, tradition and perspectives, which are definite requirements to train the professional managers who very often need to cross the boundaries of cultures, disciplines and experiences in the continuous flux of their organizational lives. Moreover, our Facilitators at PGMCDU include practitioners such as senior executives with a wealth of experience, consultants of the highest level, and researchers doing the cutting edge of research in various management fields.

Most importantly, there is a fantastic learning community at the PGMCDU of Faculty of Management and Finance, where excellent students of diverse backgrounds come together. At PGMCDU, students’ participation in learning is very much encouraged. This is an extremely dynamic learning process, in which students create new viewpoints and ideas by expressing their ideas and learn from others’ ideas through discussions with their fellow students or with teaching faculty. This learning community is indispensable for the creation of knowledge through discussion and the development of leadership.

I sincerely hope that many talented students will continue to learn at the PGMCDU and advance and realize changes in their careers. I also hope that you will join our efforts to solve the various problems in society through the creation of knowledge.

I wish you the very best in your pursuits as you shape your future.

Professor   A.A. Azeez