Industry-Student Integration Programme

The Department of Accounting has initiated a unique learning programme called ‘Industry-Student Integration (ISI) Programme’ which focuses on student learning drawing on real life industry experiences. To facilitate this programme the department has changed its teaching methodology to Enquiry Based Learning (EBL). This programme would make students familiar with the environment of the industry in relation to management studies and would produce graduates better equipped with required knowledge, skills and attitudes desired by the industry, enhancing their employability.

Enrichment Programme

Under the guidance of the Head of Department and other Lecturers, Students of the department have organized ‘Bana’ sessions which would help themto relax their mind and better face academic and life challenges.Venerable Aluthgama Pagngnasara Thero provided guidance to students through such dhamma discussions.Career development as well as personality development and personal grooming programmes were also organized by the department for the undergraduate students of the department.

Educational Tour to Sri Lanka Ports Authority

The staff and the students of the department had an educational tour to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority to gain the learning experience of the activities of the major international trading hub of Sri Lanka. The purpose of this educational tour is to provide the opportunity to undergraduate students to practically experience and self-learn by being with the reality. The participants also toured the harbour as well. The day concluded with lunch at Lighthouse Galley.

Field Visit to Alkem Detergents, Kumbalwela

The third year students of the Department of Business Economics following the optional course Economics of SMEs got the opportunity to visit Alkem Detergents, Kumbalwela in the month of October 2016. In this visit, students enhanced their knowledge on how SMEs conduct business operations. It was really a successful field visit which gave the students the much needed practical exposure to the industry.

The Workshop at Saffron Beach Hotel, Wadduwa

The Department of Finance has organized a workshop at Saffron Beach Hotel, Wadduwa for the third year students of the department. Deviating from the usual knowledge sharing process, the attention was drawn on developing and promoting teamwork, leadership and soft skills among students while enhancing their interrelationships with the academic staff of the department.  The work shop was comprised of team building activities such as rope challenge, lava challenge, water balloons, and sand innovators. It was a wonderful experience and opportunity for all the students to enjoy their lives outside the routine academic environment. The planned objectives and activities of the workshop were accomplished with a great success while the memories and friendships created were invaluable and they will be cherished throughout.

CFA Sri Lanka: Industry Awareness Programme

CFA Sri Lanka carried out a presentation on ‘Introduction to CFA Designation, Work Areas, and Career Options in the Finance Industry’ for the final year undergraduates of the department under the patronage of CFA Sri Lanka President Mr. Sanjay Kulathunga and NDB Capital Holdings Director/CEO and Chairman of Colombo Stock Exchange Mr. Vajira Kulatilaka. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance Programme has been acknowledged as incorporating at least 70% of the CFA Programme Candidate Body of Knowledge.

The students of the Department of Human Resources Management engaged in a variety of activities, including a Magazine launch with the aim of sharing HR related news stories and opinions within the community.

HR Magazine launch

Enriching HR profession through rhythm of music and a session on dress for success


Industry Visit to Codegen

Department Day Out

On the 16th of March 2016 Final year students of the department organized a day-out to Paradise Beach Hotel, Negombo as a welcome session for the third years and academic staff under the guidance of the department head Dr. P. Dharmadasa.

The aim of the day out was to enhance the interactions between the students and the academic staff, and to familiarize the new batch to the subject in an informal environment.

Hosting of the Australian Undergraduates

The department got a rare opportunity to host 12 undergraduates of International Business and Management from Charles Sturt University, Melbourne on 22nd June 2016 under the direction of Head of the Department of International Business, Dr. P. Dharmadasa.  The session included briefing of the undergraduates on the University, subjects offered and the extracurricular activities and sports that are available for the students to engage in.




“Taking the lead”- Leadership Program

Representatives of the Department of International Business attended a Leadership Program organized by the US Embassy on behalf of the International Women’s Day on March 11, 2016 at Hotel Galadari. The program featured successful women entrepreneurs and professionals and the department representatives had the opportunity of interacting and networking with them. The session was a fresh experience and the networks there built led to the representatives of the department to attend a ceremony upon the arrival of USS Blue Ridge at Colombo Port.

Business Idea Competition (BIC)

The Business Idea Competition (BIC) organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Unit (IEDU) of the Department of Management and Organization Studies (MOS) is expected to foster idea generation and the commercialization of the business ideas of the first and the second year students of the faculty. It is inaugurated in 2016 and supposed to be an annual event through which the students will be recognized for their creativity and innovation for new products, new services, new technologies and new solutions to a prolonged dilemma common to all organizations. The top ten ideas selected by an evaluation panel which would consist of academics and industry experts will be presented in front of the industry representatives and the university community during which the top three ideas would be selected. The students can compete individually or as a group and most importantly they can provide their ideas in any language as well. Further, the competition is expected to yield financial and non-financial benefits for the participants.

Educational Tour to Cinnamon Bey Beruwela

The third and final year students following the Hospitality and Leisure Management specialization got the opportunity to visit Cinnamon Bey Beruwela for an educational tour on May 20th, 2016. This tour included interactive sessions and demonstrations about hotel operations and gave the students the much needed practical exposure to different subject matters.

Educational Tour to National Museum of Sri Lanka

With relation to the Destination Marketing and Destination Management subjects offered by the Department of Marketing, students visited the National Museum of Sri Lanka in October 2016. This was an educational tour where students examined the customer journey process of this popular tourist attraction and identified points of improvement. The tour gave students a new learning experience through observations and reflections.


Organised as part of an assignment under the Event Management course of the Hospitality and Leisure Management (HLM) curriculum, the HLM Day aimed to spread awareness about the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Industry to undergraduates of the Faculty. Held on June 8th, 2016 the event attracted more than 150 students. It included addresses from industry experts, competitions and entertainment activities as part of the event.

 ‘Sherlock’ the Treasure Hunt

The final year students of the Hospitality and Leisure Management specialization hosted an interesting event: ‘Sherlock’ the Treasure Hunt’ on June 7th, 2016. The event saw the participation of 60 students of the Faculty who enjoyed the day cracking codes and completing activities to reach the treasure. This novel and unique concept was a result of a project undertaken for the Event Management course which is part of the curriculum.