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MBA in HRM -NC2016

MBA in Human Resources Management

-New Curriculum 2016

This programme is mainly intended for Human Resource Managers/Managers who are aspiring to be members who are aspiring to be members of the corporate management team with specialization in HRM competencies.

Students have four options in reading the selected degree programme namely, course work options, Research option, Thesis option and business skill project option.

This option is offered to students who are interested in reading for a more professionally oriented Master’s Degree. They complete their degree earning all required credits from taught courses.

This option is offered to students who wish to maintain a balance between professional and academic orientation in their Master’s Degree. They complete their degree, following a course on Research Methods and writing a research paper together with taught courses.

This option is more suitable for academics and professional researchers who need and wish to have a rigorous training in management and business research. Ideally this is appropriate for those who have a plan to read for a higher degree. They complete their degree following the three courses on Research Methods, writing a thesis together with taught courses.

This option is for students who wish to develop the skills for developing comprehensive projects for organizational issues.

Courses offered in the First Academic Year

TitleCourse CodeTrimester OfferedNo. of CreditsNo. of Hours
Accounting for managersMBAHR-510113
Managerial economicsMBAHR-51021345
Management process and practiceMBAHR-51031345
Business statisticsMBAHR-51041345
Contemporary management thoughtsMBAHR-51052245
Management information systemsMBAHR-51062230
Organisational behaviourMBAHR-51072230
Business ethics & corporate responsibilityMBAHR-51082230
Financial managementMBAHR-51093330
Human resources managementMBAHR-51103345
Marketing managementMBAHR-51113345
Operations and quality managementMBAHR-51123345
Residential workshop IMBAHR-51153145

Courses Offered in the Second Academic Year

TitleCourse Code (MBAHR)Trimester OfferedNo. of CreditsNo. of Hours
Report on awareness of global and local business environment: self-study individual reportMBAHR-520131NA
Business Skill Project (Comprises three components as given below)7
Writing project reportsMBAHR-52021230
Proposal and defence of business skill projectMBAHR-520321NA
Business skill project reportMBAHR-520434NA
Research Paper (Comprises three components as given below)7
Research methodology IMBAHR-52051230
Proposal of research paper and defenceMBAHR-520721NA
The research paperMBAHR-520834NA
Thesis (Comprises four components as given below)17
Research methodology IMBAHR-52051230
Research methodology IIMBAHR-52062230
Proposal of the thesis and defenceMBAHR-520921NA
The thesisMBAHR-5210312NA
Compulsory Courses
Business strategyMBAHR-52111230
Emerging labour marketsMBAHR-52121230
Organisational change and developmentMBAHR-52132230
Strategic human resources managementMBAHR-52142230
Elective Courses
Project ManagementMBAHR-5216Will be decided the each year 230
Business LawMBAHR-5217by Programme Coordinator230
Seminar: Contemporary issues in HRMMBAHR-5218230
Learning and developmentMBAHR-5219230
Labour law and industrial relationsMBAHR-5220230
Talent and performance managementMBAHR-5221230
Compensation managementMBAHR-5222230
Human resource information systemMBAHR-5223230
Financial impact of HRMMBAHR-5224230
Leadership skills for human resourceMBAHR-5225230
Psychology for human resourceMBAHR-5226230
International HRMMBAHR-5227230
Conflict and negotiation managementMBAHR-5228230
Special topicsMBAHR-5245230
Residential workshop IIMBAHR-52153115

MBA New By-Laws (2015) Programme Structure

Table 2: Amended First Year Course Structurea (Total number of credits: 33)

t 1.1

aThis structure will be common to all students. However, each specialisation programme will have different course codes and (if needed) different course content.

Table 3: Second Year Course Structure (Total Number of credits: 28; See Table 4 for division of courses among trimesters)

t 1.2

a Those who intend to go for this option are advised (though not compulsory) to take the course on Project Management in place of one of the specialization elective courses.

b Those who intend to go for this option are advised to select the specialization elective course in the subject area of their thesis.

Table 4: Division of Second Year Courses among Trimesters

t 1.3

aThe proposals for research paper and business skill project to be submitted by the end of the semester.

bThesis proposal to be submitted by week 10 of Trimester 2

Note: The total number of credits according to the above table is 27 (out of 28 allocated to 2nd year). The remaining 1 credit will be earned from Residential workshop II

Course Fee

Fees for the entire programme is Rs. 575,000*. Detailed breakdown of the fees payable is as follows:

*Fees for foreign students will be higher