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MBA in Accounting and Information Management

MBA in Accounting and Information Management

Title Course CodeTrimester Offered No. of CreditsNo. of Hours
Accounting for managersMBAAI-51011345
Managerial economicsMBAAI-51021345
Management process and practiceMBAAI-51031345
Business statisticsMBAAI-51041345
Contemporary management thoughtsMBAAI-51052230
Management information systemsMBAAI-51062230
Organisational behaviourMBAAI-51072230
Business ethics & corporate responsibilityMBAAI-51082230
Financial managementMBAAI-51093345
Human resources managementMBAAI-51103345
Marketing managementMBAAI-51113345
Operations and quality managementMBAAI-51123345
Residential workshop IMBAAI-51153115

Courses Offered in the Second Academic Year

TitleCourse Code MBS (MBAAI)Trimester OfferedNo. of CreditsNo. of Hours
Report on awareness of global and local business environment: self-study individual reportMBAAI-520131NA
Business Skill Project (Comprises three components as given below)7
Writing project reportsMBAAI-52021230
Proposal and defence of business skill projectMBAAI-520321NA
Business skill project reportMBAAI-520434NA
Research Paper (Comprises three components as given below) 7
Research methodology IMBAAI-52051230
Proposal of research paper and defenceMBAAI-520721NA
The research paperMBAAI-520834NA
Thesis (Comprises four components as given below)17
Research methodology IMBAAI-52051230
Research methodology IIMBAAI-52062230
Proposal of the thesis and defenceMBAAI-520921NA
The thesisMBAAI-5210312NA
Compulsory Courses
Business strategyMBAAI-52111230
Strategic management accountingMBAAI-52121230
Strategic information systemsMBAAI-52132230
Advanced management accountingMBAAI-52142230
Elective Courses
Project managementMBAAI-5216Will be decided the each year230
Business LawMBAAI-5217by Programme Coordinator230
Seminar: Contemporary issues in accountingMBAAI-5218230
Financial reporting and regulationsMBAAI-5219230
Management control systemsMBAAI-5220230
ERP systemsMBAAI-5221230
Corporate governanceMBAAI-5222230
Performance managementMBAAI-5223230
Supply chain development and integrationMBAAI-5224230
Operations controlMBAAI-5225230
Statistical performance measurementMBAAI-5226230
Telecommunications for managersMBAAI-5227230
Organisational information assuranceMBAAI-5228230
Human aspects of information managementMBAAI-5229230
Managerial communicationMBAAI-5230230
Special TopicsMBAAI-5245230
Residential workshop IIMBAFI-52153115

MBA New By-Laws (2015) Programme Structure

Table 2: Amended First Year Course Structurea (Total number of credits: 33)

t 1.1

aThis structure will be common to all students. However, each specialisation programme will have different course codes and (if needed) different course content.

Table 3: Second Year Course Structure (Total Number of credits: 28; See Table 4 for division of courses among trimesters)

t 1.2

a Those who intend to go for this option are advised (though not compulsory) to take the course on Project Management in place of one of the specialization elective courses.

b Those who intend to go for this option are advised to select the specialization elective course in the subject area of their thesis.

Table 4: Division of Second Year Courses among Trimesters

t 1.3

aThe proposals for research paper and business skill project to be submitted by the end of the semester.

bThesis proposal to be submitted by week 10 of Trimester 2

Note: The total number of credits according to the above table is 27 (out of 28 allocated to 2nd year). The remaining 1 credit will be earned from Residential workshop II

Course Fee

Fees for the entire programme is Rs. 575,000*. Detailed breakdown of the fees payable is as follows:

*Fees for foreign students will be higher