Dr. B. Nishantha

Head of the Department of Management and Organization Studies

9The Department of Management and Organization Studies offers BBA (Special) and BBA (Management & Organization Studies) (Special) degree, both of which provide knowledge and skills and inculcates the right attitudes to be managers in any functional area of business, or entrepreneurs while also being a worthy citizen of this global society. All students who step into the business world with one of these degrees will find themselves being offered a broad spectrum of opportunities, where they will find employment in any field they like.

The Department acts as a nucleus of learning experiences in spite of the degree that the students opt for. The industrial training allowed by the Department is not constrained to any particular specialization; therefore students are free to select their training organization under any functional area within the chosen organizations. This will broaden opportunities for students to choose their careers in any functional area of management while obtaining training towards general management. The courses offered by the Department would also help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire new knowledge to start and manage their own business as well. Being one of the two most mature departments of the Faculty, the Department of Management & Organization Studies have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated academic staff, well connected with the corporate world to facilitate the enhancement of the students’ knowledge and exposure.

Satff of the Department of Management and Organization Studies