Dr. D. L. P. M. Rathnasingha

Dr. D. L. P. M. Rathnasingha

Senior Lecturer – Grade II  [PhD (MSU University, Malaysia), MBA (Col), BBA (Col) ,CTHE(Col)]


TI: Finance

RI: Micro Finance, Financial Markets, Behavioral Finance

E-mail: prasath@fmf.cmb.ac.lk, wkumudini@yahoo.com


Research Publications

Rathnasingha,   D.L.P.M. and  Ravi Kanth (2015).  Cost Efficiency Benchmarking In Banking Sector: Evidence From Sri Lanka.,  International Research Conference, Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Rathnasingha,   D.L.P.M. (2014). Individuals Housing Mortgage Finance loan Default: An Empirical Assessment of the Risk.,  International Research Conference on Debt and Debt Derivatives, School of Management, University of Pondicherry, India.

Rathnasingha,   D.L.P.M. (2014). Income Volatility, Ancillary Services and Housing Loan Default, HETC Symposium, Colombo.  

Rathnasingha,   D.L.P.M. (2013).  The importance of ancillary services for residential mortgage borrowers in default in Sri Lanka, Housing Finance International,  Autumn, Vol. XXVII No. 4,  (ISSN: 2078-6328).

Rathnasingha,   D.L.P.M. (2012).  How demographics contribute to mortgage default: using  binary logistic regression to draw inferences, Housing Finance International,  Vol. XXVI No 4,  (ISSN: 2078-6328).

Rathnasingha,   D.L.P.M. (2012). Residential Mortgage Default at Housing Development Finance Corporation of Sri Lanka: EPF Security – A Review, Annual Research Symposium, University of Colombo.

Rathnasingha, D.L.P.M. (July 2012). Factors Affecting the Investment Advisor Performance: A Study in the Colombo Stock Exchange, International Academic Research Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.No.1,Issue No.2, Page no.1-15. (ISSN: 2227-6254).