Dr. M. P. P. Dharmadasa

Dr. M. P. P. Dharmadasa

 Senior Lecturer – Grade I  [PhD (Bond, Australia), MBA (Col), BSc (Sp) Bus. Adm. (SJP), CTHE (Col)]


TI: Strategic Management, Operations Management and International Business

RI: Strategic Management Issues, International Business, International

Marketing and Family Controlled Business

E-mail: pradeep@mkt.cmb.ac.lk



Published Papers

  • Jayasiri, N.K, Gunawardena, K.D & Dharmadasa, P. (2015), Adoption of internet banking in Sri Lanka; An extension to technology acceptance model. 1st Asia Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research, 167- 177.
  • Weerakkody K. A.  & Dharmadasa , P. (2015) The impact of background variables for students’ Performance: Case of online external degree program in Sri Lanka, International Journal of Conceptions on Management and Social Sciences 3 (3), 5-9
  • Dharmadasa, P. (2014). Family Ownership and Firm Performance: Further Evidence from Sri Lanka and Japan, International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management 5 (4) 34-47
  • Dharmadasa, P., Alahakoon, T. (2014). An empirical study of factors influencing consumer attitudes towards SMS advertising, Journal of Online Marketing 4 (3) 1-13
  • Dharmadasa, P., Premarthne, G., & Hearth, S.K. (2014) Corporate Governance, Board Characteristics and Firm Performance. Evidence from Sri Lanka. South Asian Journal of Management, 21 (1), 7-31.
  • Chandrasekara R., & Dharmadasa, P. (2014) Social media as a marketing tool: a study with reference to first time voters in the University of Colombo. Kelaniya Journal of Management, 3(1), 42-62
  • Ranasinghe, S.B., & Dharmadasa, P. (2013), Intention to knowledge sharing: from planned behavior and psychological needs perspectives. International Journal of Knowledge Management, 9 (4), 33-50.
  • Dharmadasa, P, Maduraaperuma, Y., & Herath, S.K. (2012), Mission Statements and Company Financial Performance Revisited, International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting, 4(3) 314-324.
  • Dharmadasa, P. (2000), Apparel industry in Sri Lanka, Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel, Oct/Nov, 61-62.
  • Dharmadasa, P. (2000), Practicing Management:  Lesions form Lee Iacocca to Sri Lankan Business; Journal of Institute of Workers’ Education, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, 76-82.
  • Dharmadasa, P. (2000), Challenges of Trade Promotion in the New Economy; Japan External Trade Organization, (JETRO), Japan, 41-44.
  • Dharmadasa, P. (1995),The challenges of product packaging, Lanka Monthly Digest, April, 17.


Papers in Progress

  • Maduraaperuma, Y., D , Kim, K, & Dharmadasa, P etrimental competition: n-effect and proximity to a standard: from different cultural perspectives 
  • Anandappa R, N, & Dharmadasa, P , Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: A Study of the Hotel Industry of Sri Lanka


 Conference Papers

  • Dharmadasa, P., & Akizawa, H. (2014). Primary family logics:  Understanding family business using the priority of 4Cs. 10th Family Enterprise Research Conference, Austin Family Business Program of the College of Business,  Oregon State University, Portland, Oregon, USA,  June, 6-8, 2014.
  • Dharmadasa, P & Alahakoon, T. (2014). Creating unique brand associations: with special reference to the use of nationalism of consumers for branding products in Sri Lanka, iPURSE, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 06th June 2014.
  • Dharmadasa, P &.Kuruppuge, R.H., (2014). Family involvement contribution to the development and survival of businesses: A study of family businesses in Sri Lanka. International Conference On Contemporary Management (ICCM), Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. 14thMarch 2014.
  • Dharmadasa, P. (2013), Intention to knowledge sharing: from planned behavior and psychological needs perspectives. Chuo University Conference, Tokyo, Japan, 24th October 2013.
  • Dharmadasa, P., & Chandrasekara, S.R. (2011), The Motivational Pattern of Attitude Formation within the    Functional Approach: With reference to first time voters in the University of Colombo, University of Colombo, Annual Research Symposium
  • Dharmadasa, P., & Wijekoon, A. (2011), The impact of relationship marketing orientation and market orientation on customer loyalty: a dyadic exploration, International Research Conference, University of Colombo, 11th December 2011.
  • Dharmadasa, P. (2008), Organisational learning, innovation and family firm performance, Round table conference, Bond University, Australia  22nd October, 2008.
  • Dharmadasa, P. (2007), Earning as an explanatory variable for returns, Bond University, Australia, 22ndNovember 2007.