Entrepreneurs can contribute immensely in uplifting the economy of the developing countries. Sadly, in Sri Lanka fostering and nurturing of entrepreneurship is not given a priority. Identifying this issue, the Faculty of Management and Finance of the University of Colombo has taken an initiative to launch an “Entrepreneurial Incubator” focusing on the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. Driven by the mission of our Faculty ‘To develop managerial competencies for betterment of the society’, we are inspired further by the vision ‘To become the leading Entrepreneurial Incubator in Sri Lanka’ and the mission ‘To nurture the entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka by providing facilities and support to aspiring entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka’ set up for the Entrepreneurial Incubator.

Accordingly, we aim to provide entrepreneurs with IT facilities, consultancy services, and required space in order to clarify the business related problems and to assist them to first plan, and then start their businesses and run them smoothly. As a faculty which already offers the Diploma in Small Business Management, we believe that this initiative would drive the entrepreneurs to transform their business ‘dreams’ to a reality.

By Dr (Mrs) R. Senathiraja
Faculty of Management & Finance