# Oration- 2016, Senuri Suriaarachchi from the Faculty of Management and Finance earned the title of the Most Popular Speaker
# University of Colombo – Inter Faculty Freshers’ Tournament 2016, Science, UCSC and MGMT students performance excellence.
# Other achievements by MGMT students in the inter faculty freshers tournament:
  • -Football tournament           = 2nd place
  • -Elle (men)                              = 3rd place
  • -Basket Ball (Women)         = 1st place
  • -Basket Ball (Men)               = 1st place
  • -Badminton (Men)               = 2nd place
  • -Summing (Women)            = 1st place
Congratulations to you all! ​It is happy to see this kind of initiatives and participation in sports by our students.

Do participate in extra curricular activities children. In order to promote them, credits are allocated for enhancement courses in the new curriculum. 

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Coordinator/ CGU