The constant and rapid expansion of higher education sector and the changing landscape of the labour market in Sri Lanka and overseas are core concerns of a planned intervention on increasing, among others, the employability of potential graduates of Bachelor of Business Administration degree program which is offered with a number of specializations by the Faculty of Management and Finance. Four years’ of reading for this bachelor’s degree creates higher value, when we educate and nurture our undergraduates on job roles in the industry that would fit them, competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) required of each role, expectations of these roles, and matching individual profiles and interests of undergraduates with these competencies  and  expectations. Thus, the underlying rationale of establishing a Skill Development and Career Guidance Unit within the Faculty of Management and Finance emanates from the clear necessity of preparing proactively our undergraduates to be competitive in the labour market and to chart with a vision their prospective careers.

This unit is headed by a Coordinator, seven Departmental Coordinators, and supportive staff and it is equipped with three principal arms for operations, i.e. Skill Development, Career Guidance and Career Counselling which are operationalized through an array of activities and programmes conducted throughout the year. In order to inculcate the entrepreneurial talent and community based learning, the unit also coordinates the Enterprise Based Project and the Community Development Project.