Keynote Speaker

Patrick McNamara, Ph.D.

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Director of International Studies
Interim Director of International Programs
Faculty, Political Science Department
Faculty Fellow, Daugherty Water for Food Institute


Dr. Patrick McNamara is the Director of International Studies for University of Nebraska Omaha. Dr. McNamara has consulted with over 300 clients in the U.S., South Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Japan and the United Kingdom. His vibrant industry exposure has enhanced through his engagement in a Wall Street law firm, overseeing grant programs at a philanthropic foundation, managing an ink manufacturing company, directing a U.S. Justice Department project to combat hate and extremism, facilitating U.S. State Department projects on peacebuilding, investigating complaints in an ombudsman’s office, and Congrestsional Page in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dr. McNamara’s publications include over two dozen papers, book chapters, and articles in philanthropy, nonprofit management, peace studies, political science, urban affairs, criminal justice, and collaboration studies, as well as book chapters in conflict resolution, water and public health, urban-rural affairs, and educational research.