Dr. K. Kajendra

Head of the Department of Marketing


I am extremely pleased and proud to introduce the Department of Marketing under the Faculty of Management and Finance to you. The Department of Marketing offers two degree programmes; BBA in Marketing and BBA in Hospitality and Leisure Management which have high market demand. It is one of the most dynamic departments in the faculty, and we strive to enhance the creative potential of undergraduates through practical teaching approaches and various subject related activities including exposure to various industry engagements. In addition, the department continues to move forward in research, adding value to marketing and hospitality and leisure as fields of studies. As we recognise the importance of experiential learning, we encourage student activities within and outside of lectures.

We believe that developing creativity, critical thinking, professional behaviour, communication and leadership skills of undergraduates will help increase their employability both in the state and private sectors. To facilitate this, the department comprises of highly talented and qualified academic staff members specialized in various fields in marketing and hospitality.

I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Management and Finance on behalf of the Department of Marketing and believe that you will utilize the opportunities offered by the university to its best value throughout your stay.