Dr. M. P. P. Dharmadasa

Head of the Department of International Business

142Let me warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Management & Finance, University of Colombo, one of the most prominent academic establishments in the country.

Recognizing the need to build graduates who are capable of addressing national challenges with a global mind-set, the International Business stream was introduced in 2012 and was established as a separate department in 2014. The Department of International Business operates with the intention of providing a platform to build skills and knowledge necessary for you to succeed in the globalized world of business and to be productive globally minded citizens. With these intentions in mind, the department offers a wide selection of subjects in the areas of multinational trade and investment, global management and global governance. Apart from its challenging curriculum, the International Business department employs a wide range of teaching methods and soft skills development programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of its students to better suit the needs of the local and global, academic and corporate demands.

I take this opportunity to wish you an enriching four years and urge you to aim at building a globally recognized skill set to serve our country better.

Staff of the Department of International Business